Shipping to Guinea

Get up-to-date local information about export procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container drop-offs and more.

Demurrage and Detention

Demurrage - valid as from 01 July 2016

Export Demurrage 
Dry cargo (1) (3) Not applicable
Reefer cargo / IMO Cargo (2) Not applicable
Export Detention (valid as from 01 July 2016)
The Freetime start on the same day that the container leaves the terminal.
Dry cargo
  14 calendar days
Reefer cargo
  5 calendar days
DETENTION - Charges per calender day after freetime expires, applicable for both import and export
20' dry container Day 1-7  100,000
  Day 8-14 250,000
  Day 15+ 500,000
40' dry container Day 1-7  200,000
  Day 8-14 500,000
  Day 15+ 1,000,000
20' reefer container Day 1-7  450,000
  Day 8-14 1,000,000
  Day 15+ 2,000,000
40' reefer container Day 1-7  900,000
  Day 8-14 2,000,000
  Day 15+ 4,000,000

1. Special equipment, such as Flat Racks and Open Top equipment, is considered equal to dry equipment 

2. IMO cargo follows the free days of dry containers 
3. High cube and 9’6’’ equipment is considered equal to 8’6’’ equipment
4. All the Demurrage and detention invoices are subject of VAT which is 20% of the amount.
5. The invoices must be paid in GNF. If you need the Rate of exchange please send a mail to GINFINWKCFRC@MAERSK.COM


I- Quotation

Following information to be provided by customer:

  • commodity/equipment
  • port of loading/port of discharging
  • Inco-terms
  • volume
  • freight payment mode and place
  • third party to pay, if any
  • advise if any special routing

  II- Booking

Following information to be provided by customer:

  • time of shipment
  • shipper’s full style details, same for forwarder
  • issuance of booking note/empty delivery note to shipper

 III- “No VGM, No Loading” Measure

While Maersk will comply with the IMO’s SOLAS requirement for VGM (Verify Gross Mass) prior to loading, Conakry Terminals (the terminal operator) has adopted an additional buffer known as the “No VGM, No Loading” measure. This measure will prevent a packed container from being loaded for export when a VGM is absent.

Please refer to VGM menu for more details.


IV- Shipping Instructions

Once containers are returned full at yards, following information should be provided by shipper:

  • consignee full style details
  • notify party
  • container number
  • seal number
  • Package list if necessary, including weight per item.

  V- Invoicing/Documents release

Once vessel has sailed/released and cargo is on board*, if local and/or freight charges settled, bill of lading can be released to shipper**

* There is a possibility of ‘RECEIVED’ bill of lading issuance

** Only at shipper demand, Obs/l can be kept at our side or simply not issued, and a telex release is to be sent enabling consignee to take possession of goods without presentation of Obs/l.  

VI- Services

Service Point Service/Route ETA Cut-off time (Day) Cut-off time (Hour)
Conakry Port W7A/W3 Saturday Wednesday 5:15 PM (GMT)
Conakry Port W5A/W3 Sunday Wednesday 5:15 PM (GMT)



  • Export of charcoal out of Guinea is not accepted.
  • Export of rough timber out of Guinea is not allowed, unless a written authorization from the Department of Forest is provided. 

 Special customs requirements:

US Customs do not accept the mentions:

  • Freight All Kind” and “General Merchandise” to describe commodities
  • Pallets” to describe the type of package

Weight/ Measurement:

Container Type/Size Weight limit
20 Dry  28 MT 
40 Dry/High Cube  30 MT 
45 Dry  Please contact our local office for information about our conditions of acceptance
20 Reefer  28 MT 
40 Reefer/High Cube  30 MT 
45 Reefer Please contact our local office for information about our conditions of acceptance

Special Cargo:
Break Bulk: Not accepted
Out of Gauge: Accepted
IMO:  All IMO cargo are accepted except Explosives/Radioactive products, for which approval from the government is required

Verified Gross Mass Deadline

The Deadline to submit the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) details is 30 hours before the vessel arrival at the load port.

 Port Name Service Deadline
 Conakry Terminal  W5A, W7A  30 hours before vessel arrival at load port

As a general guidance, the VGM should be received by Maersk prior to the cargo gate cut-off, before loading containers on the vessel.

No container will be loaded on board on a vessel without VGM, resulting in cargo delivery delays. Additionally, potential demurrage and/or detention charges may apply when a container is sitting idle at the terminal awaiting for VGM submission.

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