Shipping to Greece

Get up-to-date local information about export procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container drop-offs and more.


Service Point Service Route Vessel Arrival Vessel Departure Document Cutoff
Neon Ikonion terminal Aegean Sea North Europe Sat Sun 1 working day before first vessel eta
Neon Ikonion terminal Greece Feeder East Mediterranean Wed Thu 1 working day before first vessel eta
Thessaloniki port terminal Greece Feeder East Mediterranean Mon Tue 1 working day before first vessel eta


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Reefer export charges

Piraeus & Thessaloniki

Pre trip inspection : 44 Eur per container

  • Per 20Reef : 30 Eur per day reefer monitoring
  • Per 40Hreef : 40 Eur per day reefer monitoring
  • Genset : 100 Eur per day, per container



No special restrictions

Weight / Measurement:

Weight of container via Greek ports must not exceed 26 metrics tons including tare.

Special cargoes:

OOG, B/B and IMO cargo subject to standard Maersk approval procedures.   IMO containers will not be accepted by Piraeus terminal neither for stripping nor for stuffing at port warehouses as from 1 April 2003.  CFS bs/l of IMO cargo to/from Piraeus port not to be accepted.

B/l clausing, documentation:

Following sentence must be inserted in all bills of lading:  "Where the container has not been stuffed by carrier, carrier has no access to the cargo and cannot verify the current condition, quantity and quality of same, as described by shipper."

Special customs requirements:

No specific requirements


LCL shipments not acceptable.

Vessel Deadline Information

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