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Get up-to-date local information about import procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container pick-ups and more.

Demurrage and Detention

Tariff for demurrage and detention are in same rates in Ghana. Demurrage is calculated from the day of discharge up to and including the day of empty return to the terminal.

Please note shipping line demurrage and detention charges exclude port storage charges. Storage charges are billed by the port and paid directly to the Port Authority.


The standard free-time for all shipments discharged in Ghanaian ports is:

  • 7 days for dry and 5 days for reefer containers - if containers delivery within Ghana
  • 21 days for dry - if containers are in transit to other West African coastal countries
  • 28 days for dry containers - if containers are in transit to inland countries, like Burkina Faso; Mali and Niger.

Demurrage and detention

The standard demurrage tariffs, effective from 1st June 2011, are as follows :

Dry containers:

  • 7 days free from day of discharge
  • Day 8 to day 16 = USD 20 per twenty foot equivalent unit (teu) per day
  • Day 17 to 21 days = USD 25 per twenty foot equivalent (teu) per day 
  • Day 22 to stripping/gate-in = USD 50 per twenty foot equivalent (teu) per day 

Reefer containers:

  • 5 days free from day of discharge
  • Day 6 to stripping date   = USD 100 per twenty foot equivalent per day.


For a 40' reefer container that is discharged on April, 5 and returned empty to the terminal on April,12 demurrage will be USD 600 (3 days at USD 200 per day - total time is 8 days from day after discharge to date of empty return and 5 days free-time is applied).


Customs requirements 

All importers are required to submit the below listed documents to Ghana Customs for processing of import documents:

  • Original bill of lading
  • Sea waybill
  • Inspection certificate (FCVR)
  • Original invoice
  • Packing list
  • Import declaration form
  • Valid IRS certificate

In addition to the above documents, other government regulatory agencies (such as the EPA and the FDB) may require other relevant documents covering:

  • EPA certificates for chemical imports;
  • food imports; and
  • pharmaceutical and drugs imports.


Weight restrictions 

The maximum net weight or payload in Ghana is 30 metric tons.

Equipment restrictions

Aluminium containers are not accepted in Ghana. 45' containers can be accepted provided the twistlock locations are at 40' positions and weights conform to the acceptable limits. 


The following import commodities are either prohibited or banned in Ghana:

  • Fireworks of all kinds;
  • Pornograhic materials; and
  • Military arms and ammunition (can only be imported with permit from the Ministry of Interior).

The law prohibiting the importation of overaged vehicles (over 10 years) has been repealed. Consequently importers can now bring in old cars but will be made to pay higher duty (300%).

Special customs requirements

Ghana has changed to the Destination Inspection Scheme (DIS). 

Local Charges

Local Charges for Ghana

Dry & Reef in USD

IMPORT INVOICE 20ft 40ft & 45ft
Import Service (Both Dry & Reef) 155 312
Port Security Service - Import 29 58

VAT is applicable on all Local charges

Container Deposit in Ghana Cedis

Container Deposit Required (Refundable upon return of empty container within paid up time) 20ft 40ft
Container Deposit required- Within Ghana (DRY) 350 700
Container Deposit required – Within Ghana (REEFER) 500 1000
Container Deposit(DRY) – Transit Countries 4500 9000

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