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Demurrage and Detention

Import Demurrage (valid as from01 January 2013)
Dry cargo (2) 11 calendar days (day of discharge included)
Reefer cargo / IMO Cargo (1) 5 calendar days (day of discharge included)
DEMURRAGE - Charges per calendar day after free time expires, applicable for both import and export (without vat)
Freetime RATE
20' dry container Day 1+ 10,000
40' dry container Day 1+ 20,000
20’ reefer container Day 1+ 50,000
40’ reefer container Day 1+ 100,000
20’ Special equipment Day 1+ 20,000
40’ Special equipment Day 1+ 40,000
Import Detention (valid as from01 January 2013)
Freetime starts on the 1st day after the container left the terminal.
Dry cargo 7 calendar days
Reefer cargo / IMO Cargo (1) 3 calendar days
DETENTION - Charges per calender day after freetime expires, applicable for both import and export (without vat)
Freetime RATE
20' dry container Day 1+ 10,000
20’ Special equipment Day 1+ 20,000
40’ Special equipment Day 1+ 40,000
20’ reefer container & IMO Day 1+ 50,000
40’ reefer container & IMO Day 1+ 100,000


About the BIETC Process

As of February 1992 implemented by Gabonese authorities, a waiver certificate also called BIC (Boredereau d'Identification des Cargaisons), BSC (Bordereau de Suivi de Cargaison), CTN (Cargo Tracking Note)  or BIETC ( Bordereau d’identification electronique de tracabilite des cargaisons)  is mandatory for all cargo entering and departing to and from Owendo port.

It is shipper responsibility to insure that this document is established from departure port by appointed agents.  Before loading, shipper must presents to carrier a provisional BIETC bearing the number attributed.

Before or after vessel departure, the period agreed to get this provisional BIC signed and stamped varies following regions:

AFRICA:     5 Days after vessel departure

AMERICA: 15 Days after vessel departure

ASIA:       10 Days after vessel departure

EUROPE:    5 Days after vessel departure

It is then the responsibility of shipper to insure that, every single cargo leaving the country for final destination GABON, must have this document correctly filed, signed and stamped by the representative of Gabonese Council Carrier (CGC) abroad.

Fail to provide a BIETC  before cutt off ot origin, cargo will be roll on next vessel and Rolling charge (where applicable) will be at shipper expense.

In case of loading without BIETC, cargo can be  retain on board ,send back to origin at shipper expense.

In case of discharged without BIETC , all fine received from authority  meaning 150% of the amount of the freight declared by shipper will have to be cleared before cargo release.


List of CGC agents can be found on same CGC site or attached the one received in OCTBER 26th 2016:

BIETC is issued electronically by CGC, their site is:

BIETC guide can be found on below sites:

About The PROGEC Process

Effective date: commodity ordered from 20/05/2016

The Agence Gabonaise de Normalisation (AGANOR) has implemented a new product Conformity Assessment Programme for the control of regulated products imported to Gabon.

The objective of the PROGEC is to ensure that all imports of regulated products comply with the approved Gabonese technical regulations, (i.e. Gabonese or other approved international standards), prior to shipment.

The Agence Gabonaise de Normalisation (AGANOR) is mandated to undertake measures for quality control of products and to promote standardisation in industry and commerce.

The requirements for CAP include:

  • Every consignment of imported goods which contains regulated products must be accompanied by a Certificate of Conformity issued by Intertek.
  • The Certificate of Conformity is required to ensure smooth Customs clearance of shipments in Gabon.
  • The Certificate of Conformity confirms that the products comply with the relevant Gabon technical regulations and approved standards.
  • The authorities in Gabon may take random samples from imported consignments to verify compliance.
  • Additional details on the CAP procedure and a list of Regulated Products currently requiring Conformity Certification are available from the Resources section of this website.
  • Intertek is authorised by AGANOR to issue the mandatory Certificates of Conformity to exporters.

Do I Need A Certificate Of Conformity To Trade With Gabon?

Exporters/Importers trading with Gabon need to comply with the requirements of the Agence Gabonaise de Normalisation (AGANOR) Conformity Assessment Programme to Standards Programme known as PROGEC in order for their goods to clear Customs. Failure to do so can result in severe delays in goods clearance or even shipments being returned.

The PROGEC has been implemented to assure Gabonese consumers of the quality and safety of imported goods and to facilitate trade. "Regulated Products" within the programme require a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) which verifies, in the respective exporting countries, that the products comply with the applicable technical regulations and mandatory standards or approved equivalent International / National Standards.

The full list of regulated products can be found within the Resources Section of this website.

Products covered but not limited to include:

  • Toys
  • Electrical and Electronic
  • Health and Medical / Surgical Instruments & Appliances
  • Personal Care / Cosmetics
  • Automotive Parts
  • Chemical Products
  • Mechanical material and gas appliances
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Building / Construction Materials
  • Protective Safety Equipment
  • Used Products

If the products you are exporting to Gabon fall within the Regulated Product List you will require a Certificate of Conformity in order to clear customs.

Vessel Details

Arr. Date Arr. Voy. Vessel Name Manifests Numbers Dep. Voy. Dep. Date
2-Jan-2019 1813 OCEAN PROMISE 2019/3 1813 3-Jan-2019
8-Jan-2019 1826 SAFMARINE NUBA 2019/14 1827 11-Jan-2019
15-Jan-2019 1811 HAMMONIA PALATIUM 2019/14 1811 15-Jan-2019
18-Jan-2019 1901 SAFMARINE NAKURU 2019/32 1901 19-Jan-2019
20-Jan-2019 1812 HAMMONIA PALATIUM 2019/40 1812 21-Jan-2019
21-Jan-2019 1803 MARTHA SCHULTE 2019/35 1803 22-Jan-2019
29-Jan-2019 1804 MARTHA SCHULTE 2019/31 1804 31-Jan-2019
4-Feb-2019 1901 GH BRICKFIELDER 2019/56 1901 5-Feb-2019
5-Feb-2019 1901 MAXIMOS A 2019/60 1901 6-Feb-2018
10-Feb-2019 1902 GH BRICKFIELDER 2019/132 1902 12-Feb-2019
13-Feb-2019 1901 CORCOVADO 2019/80 1901 14-Feb-2019
22-Feb-2019 1901 HAMMONIA PALATIUM 2019/95 1901 23-Feb-2019
25-Feb-2019 1903 SAFMARINE NAKURU 2019/100 1903 26-Feb-2019
5-Mar-2019 1901 BOMAR RESILIENT 2019/115 1901 5-Mar-2019

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