Shipping to France

Inland services

To ensure smooth end-to-end delivery of your products, we offer strong inland transportation services in one single transaction. Our inland services connect key inland service points and major container ports with each other and to the rest of the world.

Let's traffic-proof your logistics

Now connect seamlessly to Longueil Sainte Marie through barges.


Cut through the jam

Since your business is time-sensitive, having an efficient inland service isn't enough. You need a service provider who can continuously devise new ways to transport your cargo faster.

Maersk's barge service offers you a great respite from the notorious traffic jams in and around Paris. Not only does it keep your cargo from slowing down, you also get more dependable cargo transit times.

Get uninterrupted connections between Le Havre and Longueil Sainte Marie:


Comprehensive coverage

The barge service covers the entire North Paris and Champagne region.

Truck Pictogram

Customised trucking to your doorstep

Since the terminal is right next to the A1 highway, you can also avail our customised trucking service to your premises.

weekly connection

Weekly connection

The service runs once every week (to and fro) with a stop at the port of Rouen, before heading to Longueil Sainte Marie.


Smaller carbon footprint

Inland barge transport produces far fewer CO2 emissions per tonne of cargo, when compared to trucks or rail transport.

Benefits with buying ocean and Inland services from us:

  •  Reduction of lead times due to better coordination 
  • Fewer points of contacts 
  • Minimizing detention

Supported inland service modes in France



Barge provides additional opportunities to utilize water service into points not accessible by large main liner vessels.



Having a freight option that can accommodate your hauling needs is important. Rail provides versatility, high carrying capacity, and speed making it a great option.



Trucks provide flexible point-to-point service, delivering small loads over short to long distances over widely dispersed geographic areas.

Current Inland Network



Port/Gateway Name Port/Gateway Address (#, Street, Zip code, Country)
Le Havre "Terminal TNM MSC Port du Havre 2000 Route du Port, France"
Le Havre "Terminal de France Port du Havre Traverse C E Lci, 76600 Le Havre"
Fos sur mer "Star Container Zone de service portuaire, Darse 2 Secteur 86, 13516, Port saint louis du Rhone"
Fos sur mer "Seayard Terminal, Terminal a containeurs Nord FOS2XL, 13516 Port Saint Louis du Rhone"
Brest "UAT Brest, Rue victor Fenoux 29200 Brest"
Montoir de Bretagne "Montoir TGO, Quai de Montoir 44550 Montoir de Bretagne"
Dunkerque "NFTI Dunkerque Zone industrielle du port Ouest, Port 5895 Route de l'Asie 59279 Loon-Plage"


Our inland services connect key inland service points and major container ports with each other and to the rest of the world. With rail coverage, trucking, barge, and depots, you don’t need to transact with multiple suppliers or coordinate several hand overs.

Location and Depot Connection
Barge Rail Truck
Bordeaux - stac bruges naviland
Clermont Ferrand - prestalog  
Cognac -  Naviland Cargo Cognac
Gennevilliers - Paris terminal
Nogent sur Seine - Port de l Aube
Ottmarsheim - Port de Mulhouse
Toulouse - Decor toulouse    
Vierzon - Prestalog  
Strasbourg - CFNR
Lyon -  Star Container

Inland Hubs

Inland Hub Name Inland hub Address (#, Street, Zip code, Country) Barge Rail Truck
Bordeaux, FRBUX "Stac Bordeaux ZI Bordeaux Fret 33521 Bruges" N Y Y
Dourges, FRB9E "LDCT Dourges Delta3 Plateform Multimodal 62119 Dourges" Y N Y
Lyon, FRLYN "Star Container 6 Rue de Chalon su Saone, port Edouard Herriot 69007 Lyon " Y Y Y
Ottmarsheim, FROXM "Unikai Ottmarsheim Rue Raymond Loewert Zone portuaire 68490 Ottmarsheim" Y Y Y
Gennevilliers, FRPAR "Paris Terminal 6 Route du Bassin1 , 92230 Gennevilliers" Y Y Y
Rouen, FRURO "Somap Rouen Boulevard Maritime Hangar 158 Terminaux des moulineaux 76530 Grand couronne" Y N Y
Strasbourg, FRSTB "Poste a conteneur a Strasbourg TML Sud Rue st Nazaire 67100 Strasbourg" Y Y Y
Toulouse, FRTUO "Decor Fenouillet Chantier Multitechnique St Jory 20 Route Nationale, 31150 Fenouillet" N Y Y
Vierzon, FRVZN "Vierzon Prestalog Route Rene Dumont ZAC du Vieux domaine, 18100 Vierzon" N Y Y
Gerzat, Clermont ferrand, FRGZC "Prestalog 2 Rue de l'industrie 63360 Gerzat" N Y Y


Please note the following restrictions that apply.

  • No 45HC due to law instructions for cross border inland
  • 45 HC can be used in France
  • Specific drop off or pick up fees might be applicable.
  • No reefer container neither special containers accepted in inland depots

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Getting started

To take advantage of our door-to-door inland services, simply add it to your next booking. Alternatively, look up inland service tariffs in your country.