Cold Chain Logistics in Europe

Unique needs deserve unique solutions.

Fresh, now and always

With the growing demands of the fresh produce market in Europe, businesses are evolving their cold chains to ensure they remain unbroken. The traditional food value chain is becoming an ‘always on supply’ network that runs on real-time tracing and flexible logistics solutions.

Securing an unbroken cold chain can be made possible through a resilient network that delivers on the unique needs of fresh produce, even in the face of supply chain disruptions, climate change, equipment shortages and other setbacks.

Understand the changing trends in cold chain logistics, its impact on your business, and how you can benefit from Maersk’s capabilities to deliver reliable end-to-end cold chain logistics across ocean, land and air.

CCL fresh now

Real-time visibility for better control

Alongside quality, the ability to control costs and reduce waste is key for your fresh-produce business to stay ahead. With end-to-end visibility and real-time data, take logistics decisions on the go and seize new opportunities with greater clarity.

What's on the horizon for cold chain logistics

Supply chain challenges are sparking fascinating innovation efforts, among established players in the market for perishable goods as well as small start-ups, in areas ranging from pure data aggregation to new methods to extend shelf-life. Learn what is currently at the top of the wish list for cold chain customers and how data-driven integrated solutions are reshaping the fresh produce supply chain industry, from farm to fork.

Trends and challenges in supermarket supply chains

Businesses globally are shifting focus towards improving the resilience and flexibility of their supply chains in order to better prepare for future disruptions. For supermarkets, however, this poses some unique challenges that are exacerbated by decreasing profit margins, waning customer loyalty, and the rise of omnichannel shopping. Read our report to learn more about the challenges facing supermarkets today and what solutions are available to them.
Reimagine Supermarket

Reducing risks by digitising processes

When the pandemic hit, the flow of BLs, from issuance to release became slower, but it also provided an opportunity to integrate digital innovation into the supply chain. To
eliminate the risk of lost, stolen or late BLs in reefer cargo delivery, our process tracking software TrendLens, enables customers to consolidate and expedite BL clearance. Read the case study to learn how you can transform your container logistics by freeing it from legacy data systems, manual document handling and poor visibility.
Reducing risks by digitalising processes

Driving agility all the way

To make the most of demand fluctuation, your supply chain must have the agility to swiftly shift gears and reach newer markets. Our unbroken cold chain from farm to fridge with multimodal services and extensive hinterland distribution let you do just that.

Supply chain planning for unexpected changes

Sometimes, the only certainty is uncertainty and businesses today must think a step ahead to tackle unexpected surplus supply, pricing insecurity and instability. Whilst no one can foretell the future, there are ways to create further resilience and agility in supply chains. Does your supply chain provide you with all the information and flexibility needed to accommodate last-minute changes and make the most of new opportunities? Learn how to optimise inventories with end-to-end logistics that seamlessly connect every supply chain pitstop.
Bananas readying for shipment for supply chain planning

Fresh deliveries from India to Europe

When your business depends on goods from across the globe, state-of-the-art reefer expertise across land and sea can make all the difference to keep your shelves stocked. For the first time, Maersk is offering an end-to-end cold chain logistics solution including refrigerated haulage, customs clearance and cargo tracking for grape exporters from Nashik and Sangli in India, improving the overall turnaround time into North Europe by at least 4 days.

Grapes cold chain

A fruitful partnership spanning two decades

For more than two decades, Daltex and Maersk have developed a unique partnership to deliver optimal quality fresh produce from Daltex’s farms in the hinterlands of Egypt to more than 70 countries around the world. With the changing supply chain ecosystem and evolving demands for e-commerce, learn how our innovative cold chain solutions helped Daltex to keep up with the market dynamics to meet peak season demands and ensure seamless delivery, all the way.

Building climate-neutral supply chain journeys

Supply chain can play a crucial role in amplifying your climate commitment. From reducing food waste to cutting emission, tap into a greener future with carbon-neutral logistics solutions and drive sustainable trade.

Pharma on the move

Fully compliant with EU GDP, Maersk’s second carbon-neutral facility in Poland is dedicated to addressing the specific needs of the pharma industry through superior quality control features. Learn why our customers are vying for the new W&D facility in Poland.
Expansion of Maersk’s Pharma Distribution Centre in Poland

Zero-waste supply chains

Let’s talk about the less-discussed aspect of sustainability – wastage in supply chains. Around 40% of total food wastage in developed countries happens before a product reaches the shelves, with perishables being the most affected. For fresh and chilled products, having an unbroken cold chain can make all the difference. Read the article to learn about the major causes of food waste and how your supply chain can play a crucial role in combatting the issue through efficient warehousing and inventory optimisation.
Food wastage inside trash bin