Cold Chain Logistics in Europe

Unique needs deserve unique solutions.

Unique needs deserve unique solutions

Take control of your supply chain with Maersk’s integrated suite of cold chain solutions to optimise opportunities and reach newer markets with our global fleet of world-class refrigerated services and deep commodity expertise. Discover the upside of end-to-end logistics across ocean, land and air, and deliver quality without ever compromising on quantity.

  • Efficient inventory management with smart data and visibility tools
  • Real-time tracking and in-transit adjustments on every leg of the cargo journey with Captain Peter™
  • Seamless customs clearance with Maersk Customs Services, together with KGH, at import and export destinations
  • Minimal end-to-end cold chain handovers to reduce the risk of spoilage

Fruits & vegetables

Nava Group, one of Europe’s most prominent distributors of fresh Italian produce, started their journey with Maersk 15 years ago by sharing their much-loved grapes with the world. As they looked towards diversifying their offerings to reach newer markets in countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and America, our partnership extended beyond oceans. Today, our partnership encompasses custom-created cold chain solutions including inland and Maersk Customs Services. Our Reefer team in Italy restructured itself by taking administrative and operational responsibilities off Nava’s shoulders, allowing Nava to re-direct their sensitive cargo to different destinations as and when the market demands.

Fruits & Vegetables

Taste the freshness

Star care
Star Care™️
Slow down the respiration process of fresh commodities by maintaining the perfect balance of O2 and CO2 in controlled atmosphere containers
Cold Stores Truck
Cold Treatment
Protect cargo from unwanted pests by managing fruit pulp temperature while in transit
Cold Stores
Speciality Cold Stores
Fulfilment cold stores operating on CO2 cold technology for fresh fruits and hinterland distribution across 80 locations in Europe.

Fish & seafood

Fish and seafood need constant monitoring and consistent temperature control that only a connected supply cold chain can solve. For customer Echebastar – a Spanish tuna fishery – transparency and reliability are crucial to ensure their tuna gets the speciality care it needs. This was made possible through state-of-the-art Super Freezers, and Remote Container Management allowed the fishery to monitor the entire production and supply chain. We understand what’s at stake when your fresh catch is racing against shelf life, and therefore, the level of care and innovation that goes into protecting your cargo is of paramount importance to us.

Fish and Seafood

Sensitive cargo deserves special care

Super freezer
Super Freezer
Preserve the freshness, texture and nutritional qualities of your catch at ultra-low temperatures (-60oC to -10oC).
Stuffie / Sortie
Save time by sorting your catch as they are discharged from the fishing vessel by connecting up to 5 reefer or super freezer containers directly to your trawler.
Cold Stores
Specialty cold stores
Temperature-controlled facilities that cater to fresh and frozen seafood as well as seafood blast freezer cold rooms.

Pharma & Healthcare

Over the past two decades, Bayer and Maersk have jointly worked towards developing a cost-effective, reliable pharmaceutical supply chain that can adapt swiftly to changing needs while ensuring absolute compliance with healthcare regulations. With sustainability at the heart of this partnership, Maersk was able to ensure customised storage, manufacturing and handling solutions for a range of Bayer’s products with its carbon-neutral warehouse in Poland that generates 20% more energy from renewable energy than it needs for operations.
Pharma & Healthcare

Delivering care through green partnerships

Pharma Pictogram
Pharma expertise
A team with decades of reefer expertise working together to deliver pharma solutions of the future.
GDP compliance
GDP-certified colleagues worldwide to govern documentation and process compliance.
Cold Stores
Dedicated pharma cold stores
Modern, carbon-neutral facilities designed to meet the specific needs of the pharma industry.

Protein & Dairy

When Danish Crown, one of the largest food exporters in the world, shared its vision of becoming the most sustainable meat supplier by 2030, a strategic partnership with Maersk to provide fast, reliable and dynamic end-to-end supply chain solutions struck all the right chords. The three-year agreement covers ocean services, inland logistics and cold chain logistics with Maersk-controlled assets and access to digital supply chain platforms.
Protein & Dairy

Nourishment on the move

Cold Stores Truck
Food safety/Refrigerated cargo specialists
Reefer expertise combined with deep commodity knowledge to ensure the correct handling of your cargo.
Customised solutions
Customised solutions
Get tailored solutions across ocean, land and air to seamlessly connect every component of your supply chain.
Cold Stores
Specialty cold stores
A growing network of strategically located cold store units with interconnected hinterland distribution.

Captain Peter™️

Detect any issues in your supply chain before they turn into problems with end-to-end visibility from our virtual reefer assistant Captain Peter. Recognised at the 2021 Danish Design Awards, for ’Outstanding Service‘ and in the ’People’s Choice Award’ category, Captain Peter enables you to adjust the conditions inside your containers from the comfort of your home in a few easy clicks. Access and share real-time data from door to store and get the opportunity to target new markets. With 24/7 support from our dedicated reefer specialists, know everything that’s happening with your cargo at any given point and take decisions on the go to optimise your supply chain.

Captain Peter