Cold Chain Logistics in Europe

Unique needs deserve unique solutions.

Our growing network of strategically located cold store facilities offers specialised solutions to extend the life cycle of your temperature-sensitive cargo. From speciality pharma cold stores in Poland to fresh fruit and frozen cargo fulfilment facilities in Germany, reach the deep pockets of hinterland distribution and untapped new markets with 80 owned and partnered cold store units in Europe.

Download the detailed map of Maersk and our partner owned cold stores in Europe

Bringing innovation to life

It is imperative for pharma companies to be aware of every potential risk and be equipped with management strategies to face them. Bayer, one of the largest pharmaceutical and life science companies globally, needed to ensure absolute compliance with regulations across their entire supply chain. Read how Maersk provided Bayer with solutions that secure adaptability, resilience and flexibility while being fully compliant with the GDP regime.


Keeping it cool with Cold Storage Solutions

Around the world, demand for cold storage solutions is growing at pace. But is the cold storage market in Europe ready to cater to such demand? Learn how Maersk is integrating cold storage solutions and bridging gaps in the supply chain journey.