Shipping to Equatorial Guinea

Get up-to-date local information about import procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container pick-ups and more.

Demurrage and Detention

Combined D&D freetime
Freetime starts on the 1st day after the container discharge.
Dry 14 Days
Reef 2 days
DETENTION - Charges per calendar day after freetime expires, applicable for both import and export
Type 15-25 days after freetime Day 26 onward
20’ 5.250 XAF/Day 10.500 XAF/Day
40’ 10.500 XAF/Day 21.000 XAF/Day
Type Day 3 onward
20’ 37.500 XAF/Day
40’ 75.000 XAF/Day


General booking procedures:

The bookings have to be sent either:

Booking details have to be submitted in writing and have to contain all valid details like:

  • Shippers name and contact details
  • Consignee name and contact details
  • Cargo details (commodity, weight, measurement etc)
  • Container size
  • Number and type of containers to be booked
  • Loading port

Any other important information

General Documentation Procedures

For more information please contact our Agent (


Import Acceptance:

There must be no Import Booking Acceptance for any Local Authority, Ministry or Account Abayak.

  • Without prior collection of a container deposit at respective load port. The container depsoit levels are as follows 20' DRY = EUR3, 050; 40' DRY = EUR6, 100; 20' RFR = EUR4, 575 and 40' RFR = EUR 9, 150.
  • Or cargo loaded on shippers Owned Containers (SOC)
  • Or container sold at respective load port to the shipper (If Equipment Fleet Permits)


 For general routing guidelines please refer to MEPC

Delivery Port 

Bata and Malabo acceptance: No store-door (SD) delivery is accepted.


All basic banned commodities as per agent's manual. Reefer cargo is accepted, any reefer booking only to be accepted up to "under tackle delivery" and the bills of lading must be claused accordingly.


Maximum Permissible Gross Weight is 31 tons; where Gross Weight = Cargo Weight plus Container Weight. Failure to comply with this Weight Limitation will result in the reshipment of the containers concerned to load port at full and sole costs / expenses of the offenders.


Aluminium containers and 45' containers are not accepted.

Payat/ Currency 

All charges without exception have to be PREPAID. Payat Currency is Franc CFA (XAF) Parity: 1 EURO = 656 XAF

Please note that all, and with no exception, Customs Authority (clearance of cargo) in Equatorial Guinea requires presentation of the ORGINAL BILL OF LADING for clearance. No copies are accepted, and thus surrender of B/L’s in a different office in Maersk or Safmarine office will not be sufficient to release the cargo. Please avoid collecting B/L sets at your office with the intention of release through an electronic message.

Amendments/changes made in B/Ls must be reported to Equatorial Guinea agent, receivers are liable for heavy fines if manifest is different from those stated on the original B\L.

No freight/charges collect are accepted.

Please note all local charges are for the cargo receiver, for quotation on discharge in Bata Port please address: Sales (

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