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Demurrage and Detention

Combined Demurrage and Detention (IMPORT)

Tiempo libre / Free time
Tipo de contenedor / Container type DRY FLAT & Open Top REEF IMO
Movimiento /  Movement
Todos / All movements 10 4 4 10
Tarifa estándar después de tiempo libre / Standard rates after free time
Tipo de contenedor 20' Dry 40'DC/40'HC / 45'HC Flat & Open Top 40'Reef IMO
5 en adelante / 5 and up Libre/Free Libre/Free $200 USD $200 USD Libre/Free
11 a 14 / 11 to 14 $150 USD $150 USD $200 USD $200 USD $150 USD
15 a 21 / 15 to 21 $160 USD $160 USD $200 USD $200 USD $160 USD
22 en adelante / 22 and up $170 USD $170 USD $200 USD $200 USD $170 USD


Arrival notice

  • Arrival notices are faxed to consignees no later than 24 hours prior to vessel arrival at port.
  • After an arrival notice is received by the customer, it is kindly requested that the following documentation is provided to our local import department for dispatch arrangements:
    1. Original bill of lading.
    2. Complete request in the form provided locally.
    3. For food products, reefer and hazardous cargo, it is also required that the customer provides the proper permits additional to the above documentation.
    4. Fumigation payment for discharge in Acajutla

The above mentioned documentation must be delivered personally at our offices.


Restriction Remarks
Seaway bills are not accepted by local customs. Unless it includes an endorsement stamp that certifies the document as an original for customs clearance.
Collect freight is not accepted. Unless the origin offices request approval prior to load the cargo. This allows the local office to contact the consignee and document the approval ahead of time.
Local customs does not allow cargo clearance in Acajutla if the discharge port manifested is not Acajutla. To avoid unnecessary cost and delays to import cargo, it is important that discharge ports are used properly:
  • Cargo routed via Atlantic ports - Discharge in Puerto Cortes, Honduras
  • Cargo routed via pacific ports - Discharge in Acajutla, El Salvador
Special Cargoes: Out of Gauge (OOG) and Hazardous cargo are not accepted. Unless it is subject to standard MaerskLine approval procedure prior to loading.
Dummy BL’s are not allowed in the country In the case of Acajutla, container will remain on board, if manifest is not completed 24hrs prior to vessel arrival to port. In the case of Santo Tomas, port authorities allow for discharge but BL must be updated within 72 working hours after vessel arrival. Otherwise, cargo is declared abandon.
Weight restrictions For cargo discharged in Santo Tomas de Castilla, Guatemala,please refer to Guatemala’s local website for information on weight control


As per the local regulation, a container is considered as abandoned by the local authority when it reaches below amount of days after arriving at terminal as per below:

Country Export Import
El Salvador 20 days 21 days

Freight Transport Document

“All TPdoc have to be freighted as per El Salvador Customs  request.” in case only Freighted Bill of ladings are to be released which would not leave any ambiguity on the documentation requirements.

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