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Demurrage and Detention

Combined Demurrage and Detention (EXPORT)

Tiempo libre
Tipo de contenedor / Container Type DRY FLAT & Open Top REEF IMO
Movimiento / Movement
Todos / All movements 10 10 5 10
Tarifa estándar después de tiempo libre / Standard rates after free time
Tipo de contenedor / Container type 20' Dry 40'DC/40'HC / 45'HC Flat & Open Top 40'Reef IMO
6 en adelante / 6 and up Libre Libre Libre $100 USD Libre
11 en adelante / 11 and up $100 USD $100 USD $100 USD $100 USD $100 USD

Effective January 1st, 2017


  • Quote rate corresponding to the routing of cargo at our sales phone number: +503 2248 5900 or email ( /
  • Once a rate quote has been accepted by the customer, it must be confirmed to Maersk Line local sales department in order to have the rate filed in tariff.    
  • Against inland service bookings, we will arrange the inland coordination for positioning and dispatch as appropriate.
  • Based on vessel cut-off, a shipping instruction must be received from our customer with complete details (see below recommendations) to prepare the dispatch documentation.
  • Along with the transport document (bill of lading), and manifest, the shipper must include in the documentation package: required permits and special certificates based on the commodity that may require them.
  • Original bills of lading and waybills will be delivered within 24 hours of the cargo having loaded and the vessel has sailed.

Important recommendations 

Mandatory fields to be completed to comply with the U.S. Customs 24-hour rule:

  • Shipper/Consignee/Notify Party: It is mandatory to complete all contact, address and telephone number of all parties that are to be included in the transport document. U.S. Customs does not allow incomplete data in these fields for cargo destined for the U.S. or in transit via the U.S.

Bills of lading with consignee "to the order", must include a complete notify party with:

  • company name
  • address
  • telephone and fax numbers

Packaging type "pallets" is not allowed by U.S. Customs. It is necessary to use cartons, boxes, bags, etc.

Commodity descriptions such as GDSM (general department store merchandise), FAK (freight all kinds), foodstuffs, wearing apparel, etc. are not allowed. It is required to use a detailed description of products.

Shipping instructions must be updated with complete details. It is imperative to include the following details to avoid unnecessary delays in the preparation of export dispatch documents:

  • booking number
  • service contract reference
  • rate quote reference
  • positioning/dispatch date/time
  • key contact at customer's facility for dispatch coordination


USA - 24 Hour /Advance Manifest Regulations

  • To comply with the standard US Customs 24 hour rule, it is important that Shipping Instructions are faxed timely based on the cut-off table provided by local sales representatives.
  • For cargo destined to/or routed in transit via US ports, it is not allowed to use the following terms in our manifests:
Restriction Remarks
"To order" bills of lading Unless the notify party is completely identified including: Name, Address, Contact and Phone Number.
FAK (Freight all Kinds) The commodities must be specified.
General Merchandise The commodities must be specified.
 Package type: Pallets  Package type must be manifested in a detailed manner: cases, boxes, pieces, etc.


As per the local regulation, a container is considered as abandoned by the local authority when it reaches below amount of days after arriving at terminal as per below:

Country Export Import
El Salvador 20 days 21 days

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