Shipping to Djibouti

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Demurrage and Detention

Free Time

Days 10 10 3

Demurrage and Detention Tariffs after Expiry of Free Time

Days 20DRY 40DRY 20SPEC 40SPEC
1-10 days USD 10 USD 20 USD 10 USD 20
11-30 days USD 20 USD 40 USD 20 USD 40
Above 30 days USD 30 USD 60 USD 30 USD 60
Days 20REEF 40REEF
1-10 days USD 30 USD 50
Above 10 days USD 60 USD 100


Class 1/, 2.1/ 2.3/ and 3 with flashpoint ≤ 21°C cargo is for direct delivery to the inland transport and class 7 cargoes are not accepted in Djibouti unless otherwise instructed by the appropriate authority (Port officer in Charge of Dangerous cargo). It is requested you to take your cargo in the brief allotted time. Thereafter, you must arrange and make ready the truck before discharging all the containers with the above mentioned class 


Dangerous Cargo to be handled direct delivery (ex-quay) in DCT reinforced on 4/12/10 

1. Explosives: IMO 1/Transiting 1.4 prohibited for Yemen by Presidential decree 
2. Toxic Gases: IMO 2.3 
3. Radioactive Materials: IMO 7 (transport licence required) 
4. Ammonium Nitrate (UN Number. 1942, 2067 and 2071) 
5. Organic Peroxides IMO 5.2 
6. Very Flammable liquid 
7. Self-Reactive Substances 
8. Spontaneous Combustible Substances IMO 4.2 
9. infectious substance IMO 6.2 
10. Self-Heating Substances 
11. Port Historic Incidents: 
IMO CLASS 6.1 ,UN Number 2994 , Arsenical Pesticid, liquid, toxic 
IMO 8 Corrosives ; UN Number 2031 ,2789 ,1789 
Remarks: IMO 2.1 LPG Tank (Load and Hold Procedure) 
Hazardous class with ten days storage in DCT effective from 01/01/11 
List for hazardous containers storage in 10 days at the yard 

1. Non-flammable gases IMO 2.2 
2. Others flammables gases 
3. Others flammable liquids IMO 3 
4. Flammable Solids or Substances IMO 4.1 
5. Substances which , in contact with water, emit flammable gases 
6. Others Oxidizing IMO 5.1 
7. miscellaneous dangerous and articles IMO 9 
8. Others Corrosives IMO 8 



Djibouti Container Terminal is restricted to a lifting capacity of 65 tonnes under spreader and 80 tonnes under hook. The terminal has very limited Break Bulk handling equipment and all Break Bulk shipments must therefore be approved by Djibouti office before shipments can be confirmed

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