Shipping to Democratic Republic of Congo

Get up-to-date local information about export procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container drop-offs and more.

Demurrage and Detention


The freetime for export containers is 32 days for Timber, 21 days for others commodities, to be counted between the day the export laissez-suivre has been issued and the arrival date of the vessel on which the containers were loaded.  After the freetime period detention of 10 USD/day/TEU will apply.


Export booking

Make your booking thru our Website bookingmodule. EDI solutions (e@sydoc) in french, for non stable Internet, directly sent to you by Email. Contact Customer Service if you require assistance.

Pick up containers

Empty containers can be taking at: Matadi port or Kinshasa depot



Scrap: A Licence for export scrap must be allowed by DRC government. All exports to China are subject to China scrap import licence. No export are allowed to New Delhi.

Weight: General weight limitation is 23 tons. Each container has it own weight always check plates scales on containers to avoid overweight.

There has no overweight tax; vessels are not allowed to load overweight containers. 

Reefer: DRC do not to export reefers containers for the moment.

Verified Gross Mass Deadline (VGM)

The Deadline to submit the Verified the gross mass (VGM) details is 48 hours before the vessel arrival at the load port.

Port Name Service Deadline
Matadi Port Terminal 23H 48 hours before vessel arrival at load port

As a general guidance, the VGM should be received by Maersk prior to the cargo gate cut-off, before loading containers on the vessel.

No container will be loaded on board on a vessel without VGM, resulting in cargo delivery delays. Additionally, potential demurrage and/or detention charges may apply when a container is sitting idle at the terminal awaiting for VGM submission.

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