Shipping to Czech Republic

Get up-to-date local information about import procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container pick-ups and more.

Custom House Brokerage

Core product

Import Customs Clearance Transit Documents
Standard Full Customs Declaration, paying Duty & VAT upon arrival in the country in scope to gain release of the cargo for onward delivery. A transit document allows the free movement of containers through European territories, suspending the payment of Duty and VAT until the destination.
  • Final import customs clearance
  • Customs & sanitary inspections
  • T1
* Only with customs clearance

Additional Custom House Brokerage services 

  • Customs Quick Health Scan – A high level risk & control assessment of the customers business highlighting potential gaps and providing support and solutions where required.
  • Peak Volume Management Programme – Assistance with daily Customs House Brokerage activities when the customer needs it most.
  • Origin and Free Trade Agreements – Awareness & guidance on FTA’s & preferential origins.
  • Classification Management – An overview of current Classification Databases or a Full End-to-end Reclassification Programme from our trained specialists.

    * Costs will vary depending on the type of business, size & requirement – please refer enquiries to Damco.

What is required to complete Customs House Brokerage?

Signed Power of Attorney (POA)

Signed by the buyer & on Company Letter Headed paper. This grant’s permission for Damco to complete CHB on behalf of the buyer and provides the required details to enable internal account creation.

Mandatory documents required:

  • Signed POA
  • EORI Number
  • Trading conditions
  • CZ VAT registration
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Framework contract
  • Commercial invoice(s)
  • Packing list(s)
  • Classification Number / HS code

EORI Number

The buyer must have a valid EORI and VAT number to hold a solid audit trail with customs authority and tax office & to be eligible to claim back any potential VAT paid.

Additional documents (where applicable) *

  • Copy of the Bill of Lading
  • Licences
  • Health Certificates
  • Preference Certificates

*Originals to be submitted to Damco where necessary


Q: What is the Pricing / Cost of these services?
A: Please refer to the pricing schedule presented to you  or contact with the local Maersk Sales Representative

Q: What can hold up my Customs Clearance?
A: A variety of reasons can hold up a clearance, to name a few but not limited to, would be awaiting mandatory documents, awaiting payment, customs holds, Port Authority holds and vessel delays.

Q: What is an EORI Number and how do I get one?
A: An EORI (Economic Operators Registration & Identification System) Number is a unique reference number issued by Customs to Trader and is required to import or export goods. This is a one-time application. You can check if EORI no is valid on:

Q: What is a classification number HS Code?
A: A classification number is a unique 10-digit code that relates to a specific product and determines the amount of Duty payable. The Trade Tariff link can provide help and useful tips to enable the customer to classify their products. 

Q: Why do I need to provide a classification number HS Code?
A: It is the Importers/Exporters legal responsibility to ensure the classification of their products are correct. However, if they are unsure please advise to contact our CHB Department, who can assist in an advisory capacity only.

Q: How will I know when my shipment has cleared customs?
A: Please contact with your local CHB Department

Q: Who can I contact regarding my Customs Clearance?
A: Please contact with your local CHB Department or Maersk Sales Representative

Q: Who will invoice me for my Customs Clearance?
A: CHB Department will raise an invoice for all Customs and Port entry related costs.

Q: I have a query regarding my Customs Clearance Invoice, who can I contact?
A: For CHB invoice, please contact

Abbreviations & Explanations

CHB = Customs House Brokerage
VAT = Value Added Tax
EORI = Economic Operators’ Registration and Identification
HTS = Harmonized Tariff Schedule
AEO = Authorized Economic Operator
POA = Power of Attorney
T1 = Transit Document which allows the movement of non-EU commodity between two customs offices (EU)
T2L = Document which proofs the EU status

Local charges

Surcharge amount Details
Payer Amendment Destination 40 EUR/ BL Payer-amendment fee in case of changes to payment terms or destination payers on or after last vessel arrival date 
Change of destination fee (COD)  300 USD / per container    
Change of destination fee – Administrative Cost (CAD) – effective as of 15th January 2018. 300 USD / per b/l  Applies if T/S port remains the same, amendment related to the final port of discharge. Must be requested 96hrs before the arrival to the T/S port  
Change of destination fee – Extra Restows (CED) – effective as of 15th January 2018. 300 USD + extra costs associated / per container   Acceptance of the extra costs associated is must.  
Late Payment Fee 50 EUR / invoice Invoice not paid 7 days afterloading
Late Payment Fee 150 EUR / invoice Invoice not paid 3 days prior arrival to destination
Weight Discrepancy Fee 100 EUR / container / Ton above the limit Exceeding of weight category (against rate offer)
Multi Stop Service 0 - 25 km / 0 EUR
26 - 40 km / 40 EUR
41 - 60 km / 60 EUR
61 - 80 km / 80 EUR
81 - 100 km / 100 EUR
above 100 km / individual rate
Multi-stop charge
Import Service Charge 50 EUR / BL Import release for M/H, CIF and To order shipments (consignee is not CZ customer)
Late Cancellation Fee (1-9 containers)  175 EUR / container Late truck cancellation (day A after 10.00 for day B) in case truck did not leave the terminal yet. Compensation for lost job. 
Late Cancellation Fee (10 containers and more)  50 EUR / container Late truck cancellation (day A after 10.00 for day C). Resp. 175 EUR/container if cancelled after day A 10.00 for day B trucking 
Waiting time 25 EUR / hour Waiting of truck during stuffing/unstuffing/customs clearance above 4 hours
Examination Service 250 EUR / container Scan arranged on terminal in Bremerhaven (standard procedure)
Examination Service 275 EUR / container Scan arranged by Damco in Bremerhaven (exceptional procedure)
Inland Haulage Cancellation Fee 75 EUR/B/L Charged for change of destination from SD locations in Czech Republic to port of discharge (Bremerhaven, Koper) which is requested by customer.
Merchant Haulage Imports  150 EUR per container  Charged for every container booked to Melnik CY (inland terminal) only. 
Inlands Campaign Destination  -150 EUR per container  Invoiced for every container where customer extends the original booking to Melnik CY (hence Merchant Haulage Imports was applied) to any SD destination within Czech Republic. 

For Intermodal Surcharges and Drop-off rates please visit our Inland Magazine by clicking here

Demurrage and Detention


Freetime starts with the 1st day as day when container arrives at the terminal and last day as day when container leaves the terminal. Both days included.

Calendar days DRY Calendar days REEFER/ OT&FR / IMO
20' 40' / 45' 20' 40'
From To EUR per day EUR per day From To EUR per day EUR per day
1 7 0 0 1 5 0 0
8 14 48 68 6 12 118 133
15+ 63 93 13+ 143 163

Detention from 1st April 2018

Freetime Free days (calendar days) starting with the day when container leaves the terminal gate. And last day is day when empty container is accepted on the terminal. Both days included.

Calendar days DRY REEFER OT&FR
20' 40' / 45' 20' 40' 20' 40'
From To EUR per day EUR per day EUR per day EUR per day EUR per day EUR per day
1 6 0 0 0 0 0 0
7 13 35 45 75 110 75 105
14 20 45 70 115 150 85 175
21+ 55 85 145 190 95 200

Local Holidays

As of 15th December 2018 national holidays will be exempted from Demurrage in free and chargeable period for all import cargo.

List of national holidays for 2019:

Holiday Date Name of the day
01 January 2019 New year's Day
19 April 2019 Good Friday
22 April 2019 Easter Monday
01 May 2019 Labour Day
08 May 2019 Liberation Day
05 July 2019 St.Cyril and Methodius Day
06 July 2019 Jan Hus Day
28 September 2019 St.Wenceslas Day
28 October 2019 Independence Day
17 November 2019 Freedom and Democracy Day
24 December 2019 Christmas Eve
25 December 2019 Christmas Day
26 December 2019 St. Stephen's Day

List of national holidays for 2020:

Holiday Date Name of the day
01 January2020 New year's Day
10 April2020 Good Friday
13 April2020 Easter Monday
01 May2020 Labour Day
08 May2020 Liberation Day
05 July2020 St.Cyril and Methodius Day
06 July2020 Jan Hus Day
28 September2020 St.Wenceslas Day
28 October2020 Independence Day
17 November2020 Freedom and Democracy Day
24 December2020 Christmas Eve
25 December2020 Christmas Day
26 December2020 St. Stephen's Day


For your delivery/release order please use the form available here. Send the filled form to CZ.IMPORT@MAERSK.COM ideally one week prior vessel arrival. 

If you need specific information regarding import procedures, please contact our Customer service department

It happens sometimes that customer does not return the container clean, or the container is damaged. These are cost which neither we nor the customer is happy to see.  Therefore we recommend to check the manual which will show you how the container should not look like.

When container is fully loaded, shipper agrees and accepts that the container is in a good condition – which means no damage from inside, is clean etc. (B/L Clause 15.4). 

Clause 15.4 

If containers supplied by or on behalf of the carrier are unpacked at the Merchant’s premises, the Merchant is responsible for returning the empty containers with interiors clean, odour  free and  in the same  condition as received to the point or place designated by  the Carrier, within the time prescribed. Should a  Container not be returned in the condition required and/or within the time prescribed in the Tariff, the Merchant shall be liable for any detention, loss or expense incurred as a result  thereof. 

If the cargo in the container needs veterinary/phyto check in the port, please contact customer service import team before the container is discharged. 

When final delivery arranged in CH, driver is carrying T1 document together with commercial invoices of the cargo.  In case you wish not to have invoices attached please contact our Customer service department on: +420257182300.



Weight restrictions
20-foot dry container 27.0 tons cargo weight
40-foot dry container 27.0 tons cargo weight
45-foot dry container 27.0 tons cargo weight
20-foot reefer container 24.0 tons cargo weight
40-foot reefer container 25.0 tons cargo weight

If you would like to place bookings for one of the following, please make sure to contact our customer service team prior to booking in order to check acceptance:

  • cargo exceeding the above weight limits,
  • wines or spirits,
  • cigarettes,
  • dangerous cargo,
  • out-of-gauge cargo. 

Print of oB/L at destination Czech Republic not allowed.

IMO Class 1 & 7 NOT accepted for inland transportation to Czech Republic.  The rest IMO Classes are acceptable for inland haulage transport from discharge port Bremerhaven up to SD location in Czech Republic. Transport mode: RR + TRK or RR+ RR

Personal Effects/Household goods are accepted for delivery to Czech republic only if shipper and consignee/notify shown in Transport Document is International Moving or Forwarding company, not a private person. We do accept also wording e.g. “Person XY C/O international moving / forwarding company“. Shipments showing only private person as consignee are NOT accepted for SD bookings to Czech Republic.

Vehicles, cars, lorries, motorcycles and any other motor vehicles are not accepted in Carrier's Haulage, to any destination in Czech Republic.  Shipments booked to Bremerhaven CY, Hamburg CY or Koper CY are accepted.

Complete and accurate cargo description along with HS 6 digit code for shipments destined to Czech Republic is needed. As per the requirement, a 6-digit HS code must be submitted along with all shipping instructions as a mandatory information starting from 1st of September 2015. In case of multiple commodities HS codes for all the commodities need to be submitted.

Veterinary check for veterinary cargo via Bremerhaven in c/h,  can be arranged only by Damco Bremerhaven. Charges are available upon request from customer service. In case you wish to arrange veterinary check by different agency, container must be released to m/h.

Contact us

If you want to speak to a sales person about a new shipment or if you have a question about your existing shipment, you can email us and we will respond within the next two days. If you have a more immediate question, you can search for help online.