Shipping to Cyprus

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Service inquiry - Cyprus:

Please note that Famagusta and other places in the northern part of the island is not under the administration of the Republic of Cyprus, and no cargo movements can take place to/from the northern part via the port of Limassol. However, some areas in the Famagusta province can indeed be served via Limassol. It is suggested that you find out the exact location and telephone number of your customer and let us know at (

Maersk Cyprus Limited is the sole agent of Maersk Line in the Republic of Cyprus and can only take responsibility for cargo movements in the Republic.


No acceptance of IMO Class 1.

Special Cargoes:

OOG, B/B and IMO cargo subject to standard Maersk Line approval procedures please contact our office for further details. The client will have to provide full cargo details, including IMO code and UN number.

Bill of lading clausing, documentation:

No specific clausing required.

Special Customs Requirements:

No specific clausing required.

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