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Demurrage and Detention

Dry cargo 10 working days (day of discharge included)
Reefer cargo 5 working days (day of discharge included)
Special Cargo 5 working days (day of discharge included)
Charges per calendar day after free-time
Day Amount (USD)
20' dry 11th - 14th 10
15th - 21st 15
22nd - 28th 22
Thereafter 33
40' dry 11th - 14th 20
15th - 21st 30
22nd - 28th  44
Thereafter 66
20' reefer 6th - 10th 60
11th - 17th 85 
Thereafter 115
40' reefer 6th - 10th 120
11th - 17th 170
Thereafter 230
20' Special 6th - 12th 30
13th - 19th 42
20th - 26th 54
Thereafter 66
40' Special 6th - 12th 60
13th - 19th 84
20th - 26th 108
Thereafter 132


Detention/Demurrage charges are applicable as from 01 July 2009.

For import containers, demurrage charges and/or free time is calculated as from discharge date of containers in Moroni and Mutsamudu. While for export, same is calculated as from pick up date from depot/Terminal.

 As per clauses 15.4 of Maersk Bill of Lading, if containers supplied by or on behalf of the Carrier are unpacked at the Merchant's premises, the Merchant is responsible for returning the empty containers with interior clean, odour free and in the same condition as received, to the point or place designated by the Carrier within the time prescribed. Should a container not be returned in the condition required and/or within the time prescribed in the Tariff, the Merchant shall be liable for any detention, loss or expense incurred as a result thereof.

Moreover, as per clause 15.5, containers released into the care of the Merchant for packing, unpacking or any other purpose whatsoever are the sole risk of the Merchant until redelivered to the Carrier. The Merchant shall indemnify the Carrier for all loss of and/or delay to such containers. Merchants are deemed to be aware of the dimensions and capacity of any containers released to them.

Containers must be returned within the prescribed period unless prior arrangements are made and agreed with Maersk.


Export SOP on export of cloves from Mutsamudu &  Moroni

  • A deposit of USD 2000/ Container to be obtained by Maersk Agent (Anjouan Stevedoring Co) for Mutsamudu port and (Spanfreight Shipping Co) for Moroni port from the booking party prior release of empty container
  • The deposit will not be reimbursed to shipper until destination confirms that container is returned in good order
  • Shipper has to comply to ML clove stuffing SOP and confirmed by origin prior loading
  • Origin to obtain pictures of the stuffing process and draw a condition report (EIR/CIR - Equipment/ Carrier Interchange Receipt) signed by shipper prior loading
  • In case of damage, destination desk to provide EIR upon empty return and a detailed yard survey report, photos and invoice for repairs/cleaning. This will be sent to origin for recovery.
  • Destination office will not involve consignee.

Export SOP on export of scrap metal from Mutsamudu & Moroni

  • Approval from destination office is for acceptance of cargo is required
  • Scrap metal acceptance form signed by the shipper specifying no hazardous cargo being shipped
  • Weigh certificate to be provided for each container prior loading
  • PSIC to be supplied by competent authority prior loading
  • Shipping instruction to be submitted to carrier by shipper prior loading
  • No COD(Change of Destination) allowed once cargo is loaded on board
  • All charges to be on prepaid basis

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