Shipping to Central African Republic

Get up-to-date local information about import procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container pick-ups and more.

Demurrage and Detention

Import Demurrage (valid as from 01 January 2011)
Dry cargo (1) 18 calendar day (Count day of Dicharge)
Reefer cargo 10 calendar Days (Count day of Discharge)
DEMURRAGE - Charges per calendar day after freetime expires, applicable for import and not subject to VAT
20' dry container Day 1-11 Xaf 5800
Day 12 onwards Xaf 10600
40' dry container Day 1-11 Xaf 11600
Day 12 onwards Xaf 21200
20’reefer container Day 3 onwards Xaf 37500
40’reefer container Day 3 onwards Xaf 75000
Import Detention (valid as from 01 January 2011)
Dry cargo (1) 40 calendar day (Day after Gateout Full)
Reefer cargo 20 calendar Days (Day after Gateout Full)
Export Detention (valid as from1 December 2014)
Freetime starts on the 1st day after the container has left the terminal
Dry cargo (1) (3) 45 days
Reefer cargo (2) 45 days
DETENTION - Charges per calender day after freetime expires, applicable for import and export and subject to VAT (4)
20' dry container Day 1-9999 Xaf 7400
40' dry container Day 1-9999 Xaf 15000
20’reefer container Day 1-9999 Xaf 37500
40’reefer container Day 1-9999 Xaf 75000


General booking procedures:

The bookings have to be sent either:

Booking details have to be submitted in writing and have to contain all valid details like:

  • Shippers name and contact details
  • Consignee name and contact details
  • Cargo details (commodity, weight, measurement etc)
  • Container size
  • Number and type of containers to be booked
  • Loading port.

Any other important information

General Documentation Procedures:

The Original Bills of Lading (OBLs) well endorsed by consignee must be presented to Maersk Cameroon before taking Delivery Order


Direct Bill of lading is accepted for delivery Bangui. Transit time from Douala to Bangui is approximately 17 Days:

  • 7 days layover in Douala for customs purpose (subject to documents received in time)
  • 10 days trucking in convey from Douala to Bangui road station.

Please note delay may occur during rainy season (April - September).

Weight / Measurement 

Cargo must be less than or equal to 22 tons for 20' dry container and less than or equal to 28 tons for 40' dry container.

Special Cargoes

  • Out of Gauge and Break bulk shipments are subject to Maersk’s approval.
  • No reefer acceptance to Central African Republic
  • Port of discharge is Douala
  • Delivery service is CY.


No acceptance of aluminium containers, reefer containers and 45' containers.

Payment / currency

  • All charges have to be prepaid at origin.
  • No freight collection in Bangui / Douala except subject to CMRSALMNG's approval. Mailto:
  • The payment currency is Franc CFA, 1 EURO = 656 FCFA


For inbound cargo, all commercial papers (invoices and packing list) to be faxed to +237 33 42 11 86 to the attention of import documentation service prior cargo discharge in Douala in order to proceed at customs.

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