Shipping to Cape Verde

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Local Charges

Surcharge Surcharge description  Exp/Imp/Both Equ type/size 2014 Amount Rate Basis 
AMF Amendment fee Both All EUR 50 per BL 
COD Change of destination Both All USD 300 per container 
DDF Documentation Fee - Destination Imp All CVE 3300 per BL 
DHC Handling Charge – Destination Imp 20's CVE 11000 per container 
DHC Handling Charge – Destination Imp 40's CVE 19800 per container 
ODF Documentation Fee - Origin Exp All CVE 3500 per BL
OHC Handling Charge – Origin Exp 20's CVE 11000 per container
OHC Handling Charge – Origin Exp 40's CVE 19800 per container
LPF Late Payment Fee Exp ALL EUR 50 per BL

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