Shipping to Bulgaria

Inland services

To ensure smooth end-to-end delivery of your products, we offer strong inland transportation services in one single transaction. Our inland services connect key inland service points and major container ports with each other and to the rest of the world.

Supported inland service modes in Bulgaria








Our inland services connect key inland service points and major container ports with each other and to the rest of the world. With rail coverage, trucking, feeder, and depots, you don’t need to transact with multiple suppliers or coordinate several hand overs.

Location and depot Connection
Barge Rail Truck
Devnya - Port of Varna PLC   
Devnya - Global Maritime Services Ltd
Burgas - BMF Port Burgas   


Cargo weight restrictions : 20'dc - 24000kgs , 40'dc/40'hc - 26000kgs , 20'rf - 23000kgs , 40'rf - 25500kgs . In case of genset requirement cargo weight restrictions are : 20'rf - 22000kgs , 40'rf - 24500kgs. Carrier haulage above mentioned cargo weight is subject to approval by local OPS team on case by case basis as far as it is above local road limitations.

Genset availability is limited and needs coordination in advance with local OPS desk if availability is enough for specific date.

Getting started

To take advantage of our door-to-door inland services, simply add it to your next booking. Alternatively, look up inland service tariffs in your country.