Shipping to Bolivia

Get up-to-date local information about import procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container pick-ups and more.

Demurrage and Detention

Import (effective from September 15th, 2019)

Type Size Days from 1 to 21 Days from 22 to 26 27 Days or more
Seco/NOR 20' Libre USD 30 USD 40
Seco/NOR 40' Libre USD 40 USD 50
Refrigerado 20' Libre USD 120 USD 150
Refrigerado 40' Libre USD 120 USD 150
Especial 20' Libre USD 115 USD 150
Especial 40' Libre USD 115 USD 150
Super freezer 40' Libre USD 120 USD 150

Cargo discharged at Arica or Iquique with transit to Bolivia has 21 days free, it's important that clause "TRANSIT TO BOLIVIA" is included in Bill of Lading.

Demurrage Calculator here


Import Guide for Bolivian Clients here

Import Guide for Bolivian Clients through Chilean Forwarders here

 Important Facts

  • Seaway Bills are NOT allowed.
  • Multiple consignees under multiple Bill of Ladings on same containers are NOT allowed.
  • For "release authorization" in Bolivia, please insert shipment notes in GCSS specifying proper authorization, and reassign "Issue Original TPDoc" task to Del Mar Shipping (Bolivia), “Import Order Handling Team".
  • The commodities glass, fireworks, ammunition, have restriction of IHI to Bolivia.
  • Cargo for consignee and/or notify party BEGUI CARGO S.R.L. and ATELA is NOT accepted.

Bill of Lading:

Dummy bills are not allowed. Maersk could face high customs fines when containers arrive under "customer unknown" status.

Mandatory Fields:

Weight: always has to be written in kilograms


Seaway Bills are not accepted in Bolivia. Cargo can be released against Original Bill of Lading only.

Collection Business Unit:

Collect acceptance is not open for Bolivia. Collect request should be sent to with full consignee and freight details for evaluation.

Service Points in Bolivia:

Most cargo to Bolivia is discharged in Arica (CLARI) or Iquique (CLIQQ) in Chile.


For cargo going to Bolivia, Bill of Ladings must have the following clause: "Carga en Tránsito a Bolivia" (meaning "Cargo in transit to Bolivia").

Clause "Carga en Tránsito a Bolivia bajo el Art. 3 del Decreto Supremo N° 25947" is only accepted when request is placed prior loading at origin and for service mode SD (store door) to final destination Bolivia and not CY (container yard) Arica, Chile.

Equipment Acceptance

45' containers are not accepted in Bolivia.

Loaded Containers in RKEM but not Manifested in GCSS

Containers without manifested in RKDS/GCSS must retained on board and returned to last transhipment port.

For any further query contact import customer service through email


Special cargo

Hazard & IMO cargo subject to confirmation by
Release of IMO cargo (class 1) has to be done by direct transshipment from vessel to truck, in transit to Bolivia.

NO IHI to Bolivia available for commodities glass, firework and munitions and alcoholic beverages.

In case of high volumes are requested to be moved with IHI into Bolivia (15 teu or more), please verify with before any agreement due to lack of trucks in Bolivia.

The following products are restricted:

Glasses, cigarettes, alcohol, dangerous cargo IMO 1.4, 6.1 and others that require direct loading, escort and firefighers (fireworks, explosives, ammunition, weapons, chemicals for paints).

As per Bolivian regulations:

Inland haulage and Imports to Bolivia for VEHICLES are only accepted for 2 year old models or newer from now and until 31/12/2015. From 2016 import will be only accepted for 1 year old models or newer. Acceptance Chart per year for shipments Loaded up November 15th of current year:

2015 MODEL 2013 or newer MODEL 2011 or newer
2016 MODEL 2015 or newer MODEL 2013 or newer
2017 MODEL 2016 or newer MODEL 2014 or newer
2018 MODEL 2017 or newer MODEL 2015 or newer
2019 MODEL 2018 or newer MODEL 2016 or newer


“USED MACHINERY (ON/WITH TIRES) is accepted (any model) against strip cargo at port CLARI – CLIQQ, the unit can’t be trucked to Bolivia, the bookings will accept with this main condition, as soon as unit arrived at port it “must” strip, there isn’t service SD Bolivia for this kind of cargo.”

Weight / Measurement Restrictions:

IHI available for 20' DRY containers up to 23 tons tare weight included. IHI available for 40' DRY & HC containers up to 26 tons tare weight included.


Collect is NOT accepted since year 2006.
Seaway Bill are NOT accepted for Bolivian consignees.
Original Bill of Lading should be issued with full ocean freight detail.

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