Shipping to Bolivia

Get up-to-date local information about export procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container drop-offs and more.

Demurrage and Detention

Detention – Export (effective from Jan 1st 2017)

Type Size Days from 1 to 21 Days from 22 to 26 27 Days or more
Dry 20' Free USD 25 USD 40
Dry 40' Free USD 35 USD 50
Reefer 20' Free USD 120 USD 150
Reefer 40' Free USD 120 USD 150
Special 20' Free USD 115 USD 150
Special 40' Free USD 115 USD 150
Super freezer 40' Free USD 120 USD 150

Port storage

Arica: Due Peace Treaty of 1904 between Bolivia and Chile, Bolivian cargo through Arica and Antofagasta enjoy 60 days free storage on export and 365 days free storage on import. In-transit clause is required to recognize the benefit.


Feeder service ex Arica and Iquique for Bolivian cargoes:

Arica and Iquique are served by a feeder vessel. In cases of shipments with hazardous cargo you must get special acceptance.

No oversize cargo is accepted.

Available empty container depots in Bolivia:

  • LA PAZ
    LOGRA S.A., Av. Panorámica 2-A Zona Rosas Pampa Detrás del Molino Andino a 300 metros de ZOFRAPAZ, El Alto Bolivia 2775030
    LOGRA S.A., Carretera al Norte KM 23, Complejo Empresarial del Norte Frente a ZOFRACRUZ 9232866·         
    SIMEXCO, Avenida 24 de Junio (Carretera Vinto/Potosi) S/N, frente al surtidor de gasolina QV2·        
    SIR SRL, Avenida Blanco Galindo KM 10 (de la tranca camino a Quillacollo, en la primera pasarela sobre la acera sur) 69512200

Bill of Lading clausing, documentation:

Bill of lading MUST show weight in kilograms and complete English description.

For any further query contact customer service export through email



IMO Cargo subject to standard Maersk approval procedures. 
OOG and B/B cargo is not accepted ex-Bolivia. 

For quoting and IMO approval contact export customer service

Weight / Measurement:

Cntr 1x20' 23 tons from Bolivia and up to 25 tons when stuffed at port (Cntr Tare included) Fine: USD 400,00

Cntr 1x40' 26 tons from Bolivia and up to 30 tons when stuffed at port (Cntr Tare included) Fine: USD 400,00

Cntrs above 30 tons are not allowed (Cntr tare included) for 40'cntrs.

Cntrs above 25 tons are not allowed (Cntr tare included) for 20'cntrs.

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