Shipping to Belgium

To ensure smooth end-to-end delivery of your products, we offer strong inland transportation services in one single transaction. Our intermodal shipping services connect key intermodal service points and major container ports with each other and to the rest of the world.

Supported intermodal modes in Belgium








Maersk Line’s entire inland service includes technologically advanced depots. Our depots will ensure efficient container handling which in turn improves truck, rail, and barge turn times. With our depots, we are able to provide you a complete logistical solution.

Location and depot
Antwerp -Star Depot quay 1742
Antwerp -PSA Deurganckdock quay 1742
Antwerp -Mega Depot
Antwerp -ATO quay 364
Antwerp -Star Depot quay 913
Avelgem -AVCT
Deurne (Antwerp) -GCT
Rekkem -Delcatras
Grobbendonk -Antwerp East
Kallo (Antwerp) -Van Moer
Kallo (Antwerp) -Seaport 1227
Meerhout -BCTN
Willebroek -TCT
Zwijndrecht (Antwerp) -Handico Leftbank
Zeebrugge -CRO
Zeebrugge -APM Zeebrugge
Athus -Terminal Athus

Container yard rates

Export (Port of loading Antwerp)

Container Yard 20ft Dry 40ft Dry
Athus (TCA) € 230 € 265
Avelgem (AVCT) € 150 € 170
Meerhout (BCTN) € 135 € 140
Willebroek (TCT) € 140 € 175

Import (Port of discharge Antwerp) 

Container Yard 20ft Dry 40ft Dry
Athus (TCA) € 230 € 265
Avelgem (AVCT) € 190 € 230
Meerhout (BCTN) € 120 € 150
Willebroek (TCT) € 140 € 175

Q4 Rate validity from 1 October 2018 until 31 December 2018.

Getting started

To take advantage of our door-to-door intermodal service, simply add it to your next booking. Alternatively, look up intermodal transport tariffs in your country.