Shipping to Bangladesh

Get up-to-date local information about export procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container drop-offs and more.

Demurrage and Detention


Day Range 20 40 40H 45H
5th-9th USD 9 USD 18 USD 21 USD 21
10th-14th USD 18 USD 36 USD 42 USD 42
Thereafter USD 36 USD 72 USD 84 USD 84


Day Range 20 40 & 40HC
1st-4th NIL NIL
5th-9th USD 18 USD 36
10th-14th USD 36 USD 72
Thereafter USD 72 USD 144


Day Range 20 40 40H
1st-2nd NIL NIL NIL
3th-7th USD 20 USD 30 USD 35
8th-12th USD 30 USD 45 USD 53
Thereafter USD 50 USD 90 USD 105
  • Plug-in/monitoring charge for reefer container is $9.00 per day per container, applicable from the date of discharge.
  • 15% VAT on plug-in/monitoring charge applicable i.e. TK.115.00per day per container.


Day Range 20 40 40H
1st-4th NIL NIL NIL
5th-9th USD 15 USD 18 USD 21
10th-14th USD 30 USD 36 USD 42
Thereafter USD 50 USD 72 USD 84

For any container enjoying free time beyond the standard tariff: detention charge would start incurring as stated in the rate slab from the day next to last day of the approved free time and onward in case container is not returned within approved time. 

For any container to be taken outside of the port: 5 days refundable advance detention need to be deposited on top of approved free time date or container delivery date (whichever is greater). Advance detention deposit will be refunded within fifteen working days of receiving refund request with survey reports, after returning the container to the nominated depot.

Port Demurrage/Store Rent: These charges should be settled by the consignee himself to port authority directly as we carrier is not involved with these charges.





No restrictions except IMO/Dangerous cargo. There is a strict 'no acceptance' policy with regard to export booking of IMO/Dangerous cargo.

Weight / Measurement

Weight limitation : Maximum Gross Weight (cargo weight plus tare weight) of 24 mts / 20' dry container and 30 mts / 40' dry container.

The bill of lading clause, documentation

According to Bangladesh Bank regulations, all bills of lading have to be consigned to local banks. Only exceptions are factories fully owned by foreign companies and shipments without Letter of Credit issuance (i.e. no bank negotiation).

For prepaid shipments, shippers have to present Export Certificate when collecting the bill of lading.

For all personal effects or cargo moving without letter of credit or telephone transfer contract, shipper must provide encashment / cost and freight certificate.

Special Customs Requirements

No specific requirements


ICD, Dhaka does not accept refrigerated, OOG cargo and 45'hc container.

No LCL reefer cargo is accepted in Bangladesh.

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