Shipping to Bahrain

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Demurrage and Detention

The following information was last updated on 15th September 2016.

Charges per container per calendar day (i.e. including week-ends and holidays).

What is Demurrage and detention?

Dry containers


20’ DRY

40’ / 40’hc

IMO 20

IMO 40

Day 1 to 5





Day 6 to 16





Day 17 Onwards


14 BHD


14 BHD

Manifest Amendments

We strive to submit manifest as early as possible. If you have any amendments to the manifest, it is important that you submit in writing at least 4 days prior vessel arrival.

If the amendment is not submitted timely, you can hand over the amendment request at the counter with the necessary documents. Amendments after vessel arrival will be at the discretion of customs. Please do check with our counter representative on the expected time to process your amendment. Below you may find detailed documents for your post arrival amendment requests:

Consignee name amendment, Change Packages No. Change Weight

  • Amendment request letter should be submitted by shipper or Origin Office party, mentioning: a) the exact change (From/To). b) Maersk indemnity of any chargers/delays that may occur as a result of this request and requester to take full liability.
  • What happened and why Error occurred.
  • Letter must be written with the name TO “Bahrain Custom
  • Original Bill of Ladings or release.

Final destination amendment

Bahrain customs does not allow Re-export until clarification is given and Penalty is imposed , cargo cannot load back without custom Approval if it is already discharged in Bahrain.


Delivery orders are issued as from Saturday (the week before) onwards every week for the vessel arriving on Tuesday the same week. This is subject to changes and for information on import documentation procedures, please write to our staff at


The Khalifa Bin Salman Port serves the city of Manama. Most import locations, whether in the city or in the industrial suburbs, are within a 20 km radius.

Maersk Line in Bahrain offers only CY delivery.

For consolidated container consisting of smaller LCL shipments are delivered at the port premises upon stripping. The holder of the Maersk Line’s B/L for consolidated container(s) is the primary contact and on the Maersk Line’s B/L holder instructions then Maersk Line will release the appropriate Delivery Order(s) for each specific LCL cargo owner(s) as per regulatory requirements. However Maersk Line is only accountable to the original Maersk Line’s B/L holder. The consignee mentioned in the Maersk Line’s B/L is responsible to submit the LCL manifest (most probably Freight Forwarder house B/L) to the Port of Bahrain, with information about the actual consignees or final cargo owners.

Freight Forwarders: According to port regulations the correct and final consignee should always be updated in the Maersk Line’s B/L, the Freight Forwarder to be mentioned as notify part only. If this is not followed the delivery order can not be released.

For more information, write to

Hazardous cargo: IMO class 1 and 7 are not acceptable for delivery in Bahrain. IMO class 5.1 is acceptable on direct delivery basis only. All documentation formalities must be completed prior to arrival of vessel.

Email your local office

If you want to speak to a sales person about a new shipment or if you have a question about your existing shipment, you can email us and we will respond within the next two days. If you have a more immediate question, you can search for help online.