Shipping to Bahrain

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Demurrage and Detention

The following information was last updated on 15th September 2016.

Charges per container per calendar day (i.e. including week-ends and holidays).

What is Demurrage and detention?

Dry containers

Detention 20' Dry 40' Dry
Day 1 to 5 Free
Day 6 to 16 3.5 BHD 7 BHD
Day 17 onwards 7 BHD 14 BHD

Refrigerated containers

Detention 20' Reefer 40' Reefer
Day 1 to 3 Free
Day 4 to 8 15 BHD 30 BHD
Day 9 onwards 30 BHD 60 BHD

Special containers

Detention 20' Dry 40' and 45' High cube
Day 1 to 4 Free
Day 5 to 12 5 BHD 10 BHD
Day 13 onwards 10 BHD 20 BHD


Maersk's service in Bahrain is restricted to CY acceptance. CFS facilities are not available, as far as exports are concerned.

For information on out-of-gauge and hazardous cargo, please contact your local office. We will be glad to assist.

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