Shipping to Austria

Get up-to-date local information about export procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container drop-offs and more.


Please refer to the country of the loading port:


Effective Date: 01/01/2017

Expiry Date: Until further notice

Freetime and charges per container per calendar day (i.e. including week-ends and holidays) after freetime expires. Start date and end date are included in the calculation.


  • 40´ High and 45´ High containers are considered equal to 40´
  • Special equipment/cargo, such as Flat Racks and Open Top equipment, is considered equal to reefer freetime and tariff
  • For special deals: Please bear in mind that the calculation method of charges for special deals (free-time granted > tariff free-time) is ‘progressive’ and the leadoff rate slap(s) will be reduced by the number of days in excess of tariff free-time.
  • NOR (non-operating reefer) is considered as Dry Container
  • D&D product is split demurrage & detention, where demurrage is an all-inclusive rate (storage, plug-in, equipment rent on quay)

Visit the surcharge definition glossary

Dry Containers

  20’ 40’ & 45’
Day 1 to 12 Free - Day of gate-out empty and gate-in full included
Day 13 to 19 40 EUR 50 EUR
Day 20 to 26 50 EUR 60 EUR
Day 27 to 33 60 EUR  85 EUR 
Day 34 onwards 70 EUR 100 EUR

Reefer Containers

  20’ 40’
Day 1 to 12 Free - Day of gate-out empty and gate-in full included
Day 13 to 19 75 EUR 95 EUR
Day 20 to 26 85 EUR 100 EUR
Day 27 to 33 95 EUR  120 EUR 
Day 34 onwards 105 EUR 130 EUR

Container pick up

For transports arranged in Merchant Haulage, empty containers will be provided at the Place of Receipt location as stated on the Bill of Lading.

In exceptional cases and after confirmation by the carrier, empty containers may be supplied at an alternate location against payment of a pick-up fee as per tariff below.

The trigger for the validity period is the first load date at origin (Price Calculation Date).

Valid from 01 July, 2019 until 31 December, 2019

Location Depot 20ft DRY 40ft DRY 40ft HIGH 45ft HIGH
Enns EHG Ennshafen GmbH 75 EUR 150 EUR 150 EUR n/a
Fürnitz Drautrans Speditions GmbH 50 EUR 50 EUR 50 EUR n/a
Graz Terminal Graz Sued CCT 150EUR 200 EUR 200 EUR n/a
Linz Linz Service GmbH 100EUR 150 EUR 150 EUR n/a
Salzburg CTS Container Terminal 125 EUR 175 EUR 175 EUR n/a
Wien WienCont Container Terminal 75 EUR 75 EUR 75 EUR n/a
Wolfurt ÖBB Containerterminal 125 EUR 125 EUR 125 EUR n/a

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