Shipping to Australia

Get up-to-date local information about holiday periods, charges, payment services, inland transport procedures and restrictions, and more.

Local Holidays

2018 Public Holidays and Free Time

Maersk Line will offer extended import and export demurrage & detention freetime during Public Holidays. This concession only applies where Public Holidays fall within a customer’s agreed freetime period and in such cases, the freetime will be extended to include these days.

Date Day Description
1-Jan-2018 Monday New Year’s Day
26-Jan-2018 Friday Australia Day
30-Mar-2018 Friday Good Friday
31-Mar-2018 Saturday Easter Saturday
1-Apr-2018 Sunday Easter Sunday
2-Apr-2018 Monday Easter Monday
25-Apr-2018 Wednesday ANZAC day
11-Jun-2018 Monday Queen’s Birthday
1-Oct-2018 Monday Labour Day
25-Dec-2018 Tuesday Christmas Holiday
26-Dec-2018 Wednesday Boxing Day

Local Charges

The following local charges are subject to change.

Maersk Line offers a variety of additional Value Added Services (VAS) which are available on demand. Please contact our Australian office for applicable VAS charges.

Effective 1st Nov 2018

CODE Name and Description Charge
COD Change of Destination USD 300 per container
AME Amendment Fee USD 25 per Bill of Lading
BLF Re-issuance of BL USD 30 per Bill of Lading
CCE Container Cleaning AUD 110 per Container
CLL Booking Cancellation Fee AUD 250 per Container
HBL House BL Fee USD 30 per Bill of Lading
LDS Late Doc Fee AUD 25 per Bill of Lading
MBF Manual Booking Fee AUD 50 per Bill of Lading
MDF Manual Documentation Fee AUD 50 per Bill of Lading
PQC Premium Quality Container USD 150 per Container
SWC Switch BL Fee AUD 75 per Bill of Lading
TLE Telex Release Fee USD 40 per Bill of Lading

Helpful hints and tips for a Correct Invoice

2018 Changes on our Self-Service Portal (

We are making some changes on our website effective 11 February 2018 with regards to updating Named Account Customer (NAC) when placing bookings and amending pay term details from the shipment binder before invoice generation.

We are making these changes to effectively ensure that you receive the correct invoice and to give you better visibility on rates, payers and payment terms.

What are the changes?

  • Named Account Customer (NAC) and Service contract number
  • Amending payer and payment terms prior to invoicing
  • Change in Self Service portal – Shipping instruction submission
  • Verify copy validation screen – To remind you about payer validation


1)  Named Account Customer (NAC) and Service contract Number

The service contract field has been moved from page 1 to page 2 of the booking screen. Once you enter the booking details, we will price the shipment on the correct service contract and display it to you on the next page.


If you have a ‘Named Account’ contract, there will be an option to select the Named Account Customer under Parties.  If you do not have a named account contract, then you will not see this option. 

A message will be displayed under Price overview on the top right of the page to select the Named Account Customer. Based on the booking details you’ve entered, we will automatically retrieve the named account details and display them – ‘ACB Logistics’ as you can see in the screenshot below. 

If the Named Account is retrieved correctly, please select it. You have an option to ‘Add new’ where you can select a new Named Account Customer. We will try to price the booking based on this new Named Account customer. 

If you do not want to use a Named Account Contract and want to use a different contract, then please select the option ‘I don’t want to use NAC’. 


Once you have selected the Named Account Customer, you will see the service contract number under Price Overview.  

You can see the price if you are the price owner/contract owner. If you do not agree to the service contract retrieved, you can submit the contract number in the contract field on the left. However, we kindly request you to re-check the booking details including origin, destination, commodity, container details and price owner. If these details are correct, you can enter the service contract number which you would like to apply in this booking. 

There is no need to update the contract number if the service contract displayed under Price Overview is correct.


2. Amending payer and payment terms prior to invoicing

Apart from the service contract and the named account changes, we are also introducing a new change whereby you can request a change to the pay party/payment terms (prepaid/collect) before the invoice is triggered. 

Go to shipment binder and under Pricing tab. If you are the payer or price owner, you can see the rates, payment party and payer details. You now also have an option to submit a request change the payers


When you click on request change, you have an option of updating the details that you need to change. 

Please use this option only if the invoice is not generated yet. If the invoice is triggered, please log a dispute. 


3. Change in Self Service portal – Shipping instruction submission – Customer Codes are now visible, along with customer name and address.

Starting from 7 April 2018, you will be able to see more precise payer information and verify them on my and my for both freight and surcharges. Those changes are illustrated below:


The customer code (as seen in the red rectangle) has been added to the name and address to help facilitate the proper payer identification.

4. Verify copy validation screen – To remind you about payer validation

Verify copy overview When you look at the list of your Verified Copies to validate, as you hover over the “approve” button, a pop-up message will remind you to validate the payer information (as seen in the red rectangle).



Please note that if you do not approve the verify copy, the shipment will still be processed and move forward.

5. Payer information on the Verify Copy

Starting from 21 April 2018, Payer information only will be displayed on the verify copy as shown below:


 Please note that there will be no change to your Bill of Lading

How to set up Transport Plan change notifications – April 2018

Transport Plan Change Notifications 

We are pleased to share details of an important change to our Transport Plan Change Notifications which will be introduced from 21 April  2018.

The format of the email sent for ETA notifications has changed and you will now also be informed about additional events, such as changes related to the terminal, port, or  itinerary on these notifications.

We have renamed ETA Change nofitications to “Transport Plan Change Notifications” and we will eventually discontinue the contingency communication emails sent to you by our contingency communication team.

It is therefore important that you register for these Transport Plan Change Notifications immediately so you can stay on top of your shipments and get used to the new format.

Once you have registered, please let us know so we can remove your email ID from the Contingency communication list to avoid duplication. 

Below is a quick reference guide on how you can register either online or on our Maersk Line smartphone APP. 

In case of any queries, please contact your local customer service agent.


How to Set up Transport Plan Change Notification on

Step 1. : To create a new notification


Step 2. Select minimum ETA change you want to be notified about


Step 3. Select if you want to be notified of vessel/voyage changes and/or terminal/port changes.


Step 4. Enter your Email ID and tell us how frequently you would like to receive these notifications


Step 5. Select additional filters to further refine the type of notifications you would like to receive.

  • Geography : From / To – will restrict notifications to shipments only from and / or to these locations
  • Role : will send notifications for shipments only where your company is playing the specific role you select.


Step 6. : The enhanced format of the email 

The enhanced format of the email together with the new options to subscribe to changes in vessel and voyage as well as port and terminal, will effectively communicate changes as required. 

This information is reflected both in email body and Excel attachment.

Furthermore the visuals have been improved through icons and color-coding to clearly communicate the changes.


How to set up Transport Plan Change Notifications on the Maersk Line App



Email your local office

If you want to speak to a sales person about a new shipment or if you have a question about your existing shipment, you can email us and we will respond within the next two days. If you have a more immediate question, you can search for help online.