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Discover our logistics solutions and increase your local presence in just a few clicks.

Enhance your logistics experience with Maersk local solutions

Shipping your products has never been easier and greener. Have a look at our logistics solutions exclusively tailored to you and your end-customers when shipping across the world.

Effortless online booking at a fixed price with Maersk Spot

Enjoy a smooth and transparent booking flow at affordable prices. Be prepared, whether it is peak season or not, and choose the best combination for your cargo.

With Maersk Spot your goods can now be shipped, tracked and insured, all from one single platform and directly on your mobile devices. Whenever you want, wherever you are.

Spot the best features:

  • Inland & Ocean in one booking: making global shipping hassle-free with the perfect combo
  • Fixed price upfront: no time for unforeseen charges – see your options before booking
  • Rollable option: for non-time sensitive cargo only – get compensated in case of a rollover
  • Extend your Freetime: Save up to 80% when buying additional Freetime upfront as part of you booking

You care about your business and your end-customers, so do we.

Note: Maersk Spot is now available also for US Trades.

When booking from / to the US nothing differs significantly in the process.

While filling in the relevant information and choosing your preferred shipping combination, just make sure you declare whether you are the ‘Price owner’ or ‘Agent’ and if you are the ‘Cargo Owner’ or ‘NVOCC.’ (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier). If you are an Agent and this is your first shipment on behalf of the Price owner, please note that a Letter of Authority is required.

Maersk truck

Ship globally with Inland services

Experience effortless end-to-end deliveries of your goods and products with Maersk Inland services when shipping oversea. Find out how Inland transportation can support you as your one and only partner.

On the road or by sea, you can opt for transportation by truck, rail or barge - you name it, we have it. Now you can book everything in one spot: select your cargo and choose your preferred routes; include more added-value services to your booking and stay updated every step of the way with Maersk Spot.

Want to know better?

Here’s three more reasons why you should add Inland services to your booking as soon as possible to make the most of it:

  • Extend your network with over 80+ designated weekly trains
  • Simplify your end-to-end deliveries management with 1 single invoice
  • No amendment fees when adding Inland to existing bookings and less costs on haulages and leakages
  • Possibility to cancel your Inland booking for free, up to 24hrs before departure

Choose the option that best matches your requirements:

Maersk Inland Hub: deliver your containers directly to the agreed inland hub with our transportation services. Pick up your cargo and arrange the final delivery to your customer hassle-free without changing your current supply chain. Get broad visibility and full control over your deliveries and discover our network of inland hubs at exceptional competitive rates.

Maersk Inland Delivery: arrange a new pick-up from your supplier’s factory or deliver your cargo directly to your chosen location, reducing the number of vendors involved in the process. Add Inland delivery even when booking Ocean transport with an external company and make sure to access all the benefits Inland transportation can give you.

  • Optimise your supply chain with our full-service, environmental-friendly solution and a single point of contact from departure to arrival.
  • Stay connected to your cargo and routes all the way thanks to our local insights and real-time updates.
  • Reduce paper waste and help us make the World greener with our digital processes.
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Customs processes simplified with Maersk Customs Visibility Portal

Rumor has it that customs clearance processes are now simplified.

Did you know that when shipping your container internationally with Maersk Customs Services Visibility Portal you can manage your customs workflow in real-time, wherever you are? Get a full overview of your cargo’s journey, avoid unexpected delays and reduce costs in a few simple clicks. All at your disposal, on your desktop or mobile devices.

Here’s why Customs Visibility Portal is the real deal: access real-time cargo clearance status, inbound & outbound customs entries overview for all relevant countries and customs duty payments status online. Fear no sudden exceptions with instant notifications and rely on our online support chat 24/7.

Why choose Maersk CHB?

Reduce unpredictability and risks, avoid lack of control, optimise your supply chain and build an exclusive partnership with one customs broker.

Beyond acquiring clearances, Maersk Customs Services also offer consultation for different solutions based on your specific requirements:

  • Issuance of Certificate of Origin (COO)
  • NOC from Assistant Drug Controller
  • Plant Quarantine Certificate
  • KYC verification
  • Bank registration
  • Duty payment & consultation
  • Export incentive consulting
  • Import license registration
Depot boxes conveyor belt

Accidental damage? No, thank you. I choose Maersk Value Protect

When importing or exporting and moving across sea and land, unfortunately accidents happen. That's why we are here to help you make sure your cargo and products are safe and sound when leaving your POD and arriving at destination. Ship with peace of mind and protect your cargo from logistics-related risks during transportation. It’ll only take you a few simple steps.

Get the full package or select your best option in between dry cargo, cool cargo and special cargo. Read below for more information.

Our Maersk Value Protect packages:

  • Dry Cargo: choose in between our Starter, Base, Plus, Extended packages
  • Cool Cargo: is your cargo temperature sensitive? Go Standard or Advanced
  • Special Cargo*: special goods require special treatments, we make sure of that

*Conditions apply: The packages Special Standard and Special Advanced are valid only for the goods carried in Special Equipment (Open tops & Flat racks). Value Protect is not valid for the Break Bulk cargo.

Exclusive perks and benefits when using Value Protect:

  • Book Value Protect at competitive prices or add it to existing bookings in just a few clicks
  • Purchase Value Protect while placing your booking on Maersk Spot
  • Get full coverage by booking VP and Inland Transport at the same time
  • 14 days resolution time

How to add Value Protect to your existing booking?

  1. Log into Maersk.com, enter your booking details and open the ‘Additional Information’ page: here you will see the container yard (CY) where the containers are in stock and you’ll able to choose your pick-up yard. Select your ‘Pick-up date’.
  2. Scroll down to ‘Additional products and services’ to see the optional value-added services: here we recommend you to select only the Value Protect package that suits your needs. The selected package is then applied to all containers in your booking. Click ‘Review Booking’ to proceed.
  3. Under the ‘Review’ page, you can go through your selection and booking details once more. Check the Value Protect information in the ‘Additional Details’ tab. Submit your booking for an instant confirmation by clicking on ‘Submit booking’.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Lost or damaged cargo? You can file a claim by contacting our Customer Experience team.

Maersk App

Your business alley, wherever you are.

When dealing with a pandemic and all the uncertainties it brings, you and your supply chain as well as your end-customers may encounter some unexpected difficulties. Markets change, prices change, routes and expectations change. You know it, we know it too. That’s why we have created Maersk App and made sure to include all the features you need at every stage of your shipping journey.

Woman with glasses on the phone

You care about your business and so do we. Here’s what you can do with Maersk App:

online Booking
Spot all the best rates
Early bird gets the best price with Maersk Spot booking.
Track your cargo in real-time
Quick access to your Favourites shipment combinations.
Multiple combinations in the palm of your hand
Choose your preferred ports, vessels and routes in one simple click.
Talk to an expert
Get that extra support you need via live chat. Contact a local expert or simply give us a feedback.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard!