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In need of local tips? Look no further! Here we have gathered as much information as possible to make your online shipment experience effortless yet agile and optimised. Read below our experts' recommendations and the latest market news, discover the most popular routes within your region and track everything in real-time.

2021 Chinese Golden Week & Chinese New Year to impact local forwarders

What to expect from this year’s Chinese festivities and how to prepare your customers’ bookings accordingly. If you’re looking to ship promptly and you want to make sure your cargo arrives at destination in time for the winter holidays, follow our suggestions and plan your strategy upfront.

Chinese golden week and local forwarders

Maersk to support local forwarders embrace change in 2021

While there is no ultimate list of Do’s and Don’ts, when it comes to logistics and supply chain management, Maersk can provide you with key insights, agile processes, and logistics solutions that will make your job easier and strengthen the partnership with your most valuable customers. Here are 3 tips for you and your end customers to better adapt your logistics to this year’s disruptions.

Maersk local forwarders opportunities behind contingencies

Logistics planners advised to prepare for hurricane season

The Atlantic hurricane season typically runs every year from June to November and marks one of the biggest seasonal supply chain disruptor events requiring business experts ad hoc, prompt planning.

Hence, the importance of digitizing supply chain information to ensure proper visibility and optimal management in locations affected by storms. More insights follow below.

Overall, during and after major disasters, Maersk Special Project Logistics is there to support you together with FEMA’s National Response Coordination Center (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) and many other private sector partners participating in the National Business Emergency Operations Center (NBEOC).

City port overview

With the global pressure seen on today’s supply chains, it is more important this year perhaps than any in recent history to plan ahead with suppliers and logistics service providers to put contingency plans in place as early as possible to mitigate the effects of seasonal climate risk.

Rob Townley
Head of Maersk Special Project Logistics, based in Washington D.C.