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Your 2021 guide to Maersk Spot online booking system

Whether you are a local forwarder and you wish to increase your presence globally, or you’re supporting your end customers while looking to optimise their supply chain - Maersk Spot could be your go-to solution. Simply keep full control over your cargo’s journey - access tailored Maersk Spot rates, instance prices, agile processes, and exclusive freight forwarding benefits in just a few simple clicks.

What is Maersk Spot and how does it work?

Maersk Spot is a seamless way for you to transport your goods oversea, nonetheless, an online solution powered by AP Moller - Maersk. Available globally, Maersk Spot was created to offer you, local forwarder, a smooth booking journey while shipping to and from a specific location or looking after your cargo’s special needs.

Did you know that with Maersk Spot you can place a booking in just a couple of minutes?

Effortless logistics and supply chain management with Maersk digital solutions

If there is something that the pandemic has taught us all, is that having to ship your cargo from one location to another nowadays means having to face last minute delays – and in the worst cases, unpredicted disruptions. Since last year, the need for effortless logistics and agile processes has reached unprecedented levels, and so has customers’ demand for optimisation and control over their businesses.

How can Maersk support local forwarders and their customers in such circumstances? The answer to this question is simple: with Maersk Spot booking and its tailored logistics solutions. If you haven’t tried it yet, no worries, we can guide you through the basics. Continue reading the article for more insights.

In short: by using Maersk Spot, you will no longer need to call a Sales Representative to chase the best prices and corridors before they’re gone. With Spot as part of Maersk digital solutions, you can now have full visibility of your shipping options and book the best combination for your cargo, in just a few simple steps.

What can I book with Maersk Spot?

You name it, we have it! With Maersk Spot you can access 24/7 cargo tracking, full coverage against any accidental damages or logistics related risks, customs clearance, end-to-end delivery with one partner and one invoice only – in other words, transparency, and security all the way.

T&Cs apply. Read the full overview here.

Here are Maersk Spot best features:

  • Inland & Ocean transportation in one booking: make global shipping hassle-free with the perfect combo
  • Fixed prices upfront: no time for unforeseen charges – see your options before booking
  • Rollable option: for non-time sensitive cargo only – get compensated in case of a rollover
  • Extend your free time: Save up to 80% when buying additional free time upfront as part of you booking

The advantages of booking online: a sustainable approach

Whether you are comfortable using Maersk Shipment App and track your cargo on the go, or you prefer to save your spot onboard by booking from our website, Maersk Spot is always at your disposal.

What are the key advantages of booking online with Maersk Spot?

What you see is what you get

  • Reduce unnecessary waiting time and paper waste
  • Increase your online visibility
  • Optimise your supply chain from A to Z
  • Cargo tracking and full coverage against accidental damages
  • One partner and one invoice only

We at AP Moller – Maersk believe that logistics and supply chain management can be sustainable, no matter the nature of your business. By adapting your processes to a better, faster pace and reducing paper waste, your input and contribution to a greener environment can be more successful.

Conclusions on Maersk Spot

By opting for Maersk digital solutions and Maersk Spot booking system, you can trust us with supporting your end-to-end delivery, and with giving you and your customers access to exclusive benefits and tailored value-added services.

You care about your business and your customers, so do we.