Supply chain solutions tailored for today’s Lifestyle Industry

Creating a strong platform for growth

Constant change has become the new normal for the lifestyle industry. Digital payments have made the see-now-buy-now phenomenon commonplace. Social media has not only put the end consumer in control, it has increased competition by helping small brands grow exponentially. And the vision of providing the best consumer experience, is pushing businesses to increase their use of direct to consumer sales channels.

Under these circumstances, no matter how successful you’ve been in the past, you are looking to improve the way you work. One big opportunity lies in the way you run your supply chain. For you, the ideal supply chain has a global partner with the capability to drive ‘fast lane’ concepts that focus on agility, customisation, and reliability. Such a partner can support your on-demand production cycles, optimise processes from end to end, and reduce the cost of change in sourcing locations and markets with robust process continuity plans.

Business continuity is always a priority

Today, your business isn’t just dealing with change within the lifestyle industry. It is also trying to manoeuvre a bumpy geo-political landscape and a possible slowdown in the global economy. Not to mention the uncertainties that come with an increasingly complex supply chain. With so many variables, how can your company prepare for extreme disruptions?

The truth is, your business may not always be able to predict them, but it can craft strategies to prepare and minimise the impact. And to do this, you need a partner who will go All the Way to keep your global trade moving.

At Maersk, we understand the ripple effect change can have in a hyperconnected, inter-dependent, multi-product supply chain network. That’s why our experts, both global and local, support you in preparing business continuity processes ahead of uncertainties. They also provide you with business continuity alternatives, so that your company can respond to disruptions swiftly.

Our approach to supply chain management

Our team works like an extension of yours, living your strategy and staying focussed on your business growth. To plan, execute, and optimise the flow of your cargo, documents, and information we combine three of our big strengths; robust processes and systems; an integrated, global, technology platform; and most importantly some of the finest, most experienced minds in supply chain management.

Your supply chain, managed your way

Working closely with some of the top lifestyle brands in the world has given us a deep understanding of how unique your challenges and opportunities can be. Over the years, we developed a range of flexible solutions and Value-Added Services that we tap into to customise supply chain management for you.

Supply chain managment

Responding to consumer demand at the drop of a hat

  • Enjoy the flexibility of a reliable multi-channel network that works closely with you across sourcing locations and consumer markets
  • Gain the speed and control you need to make decisions at various touch points of your supply chain by making connections between people, processes, and data
Consumer demand

Solutions that fit like a glove

  • Benefit from solutions that are customised to your needs, from the way we deploy our teams and implement our processes to the way our systems communicate seamlessly with yours
  • Prevent your margins from getting eroded and avoid sales losses
  • Reduce overstocking and improve cash to cash cycles
  • Make the most of our specialised digital innovation teams and our culture of continuous improvement
Solution fit glove

We do not let you run alone

  • We strategically deploy a healthy mix of operational, development, and local supply chain professionals, so that you have the right logistics support precisely when you need it
  • Your value chain can benefit from the dependability of our industry expertise, well thought through processes, best practices, and business continuity plans
Do not let run alone

Customers find value in our solutions

Today’s Fashion and Lifestyle consumers are increasingly expecting companies to embrace sustainability. To meet those demands, H&M Group are committed to lead the fashion industry into a more sustainable future. Ocean transport plays a vital role in the industry, so H&M have chosen Maersk ECO Delivery to support a greener transport.

Get a sneak peek into how Maersk and H&M have joined forces in exploring sustainable solutions for the future.

Supply chains of the future

Can your supply chain help you get closer to your customer, drive better customer experience, and generate more sales? In this BR Thought Leadership interview, Mikkel Rasmussen - Head of Supply Chain Services, Europe sheds some light.

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