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Ebook: 5 key points to transform your logistics

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What you’ll find in this ebook:

  1. Using a single platform to integrate the information.
  2. Flexibility as a competitive advantage.
  3. Agility to predict consumer tendencies and adapt your inventory accordingly.
  4. End-to-end traceability.
  5. Sustainable integration.

An example of how Maersk helps clients build logistics solutions with results in mind

One of the biggest clothing brands in the world and leader in the jeans category, with over 500 stores across 100 countries.
Update the physical document flow for cargo release at 16 destinations, which could have interrupted their entire global supply chain due to pandemic related restrictions affecting its process.
Maersk Solution
Maerk’s solution
Digitalise the entire documentation process using a unified platform with complete 360 verifiability and traceability across the supply chain.
An upgraded global logistic process that avoids interruptions caused by COVID-19, accompanied by up to 12K USD in savings by reducing couriers and physical mailing costs, helping the process to also be more sustainable.

Transform your logistics via…

We become your partner along every step of the way, integrating processes and data to find personalised solutions.
We leverage digital platforms and tools that offer complete visibility even to the SKU level for total traceability and transparency.
End to end integration
Demand Predictability
With an integrated logistics chain and end-to-end visibility you can respond rapidly to demand changes and tendencies.
We offer green alternatives so your products reach their market on time and in the most environmentally sustainable way.

Indeed there’s always a silver lining as we emerge from a crisis: It forces people to challenge the status quo and look for better, more efficient ways to operate. Maersk, as always, is doing an excellent job as our strategic partner.

Assisted onboarding
Regional Sr. Logistics Manager
Leading Global Jeans Brand

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