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A resilient supply chain is no longer an option. It is a necessity in the face of rising geopolitical conflicts and worldwide disruptions. With Maersk Supply Chain Management, you get a service that caters to logistical complexities using a strong global infrastructure that helps you receive purchase orders on time and in full from your overseas factories to the distribution centre. You also get to manage your international supply chain in a completely carrier neutral environment, including cases where the transport is not done using the Maersk line.

This provides your supply chain the stability it needs to grow and manage your business. We also offer you a broad range of value added capabilities and targeted initiatives that help you achieve long-term cost savings. Using our Container Freight Station (CFS) network facilities, you can optimise your supply chain to minimise cost outflows, making it leaner and more efficient in transporting goods across the world.

Maersk Supply Chain Management

Using technology to supply excellence

Our innovations in supply chain management have enabled us to leverage technology products to automate, simplify and streamline our processes. We combine shipment data and stakeholder management systems to create a cohesive environment for enhanced visibility. Modern technology platforms allow for digitally enabled services, making supply chains more efficient.

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Purchase order management
Customer KPI management and visibility
Digital Solutions
Booking management
Consolidation source containers
Shipment planning
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Load planning and cargo consolidation
Document management
Ship Location
Destination management
Vendor Managment
Vendor management
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Carrier management
Optimises your supply chain
Account management
Supply chain optimisation
Digital Complexity
System integration and data integration