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Process invoices instantly on our easy-to-use E-Payment gateway.

Made exclusively with you in mind, a faster and simpler way to handle your payments process is here in Indonesia

E-Payment enables on-the-spot payments and instant documents release in just four steps. Skip the lengthy queues at the banks and having to wait for days to have your payments confirmed. Discover the ease of handling payments from anywhere, anytime through our customer-friendly digital platform.

Four steps for E-Payment

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1. Log onto Maersk.com, visit ‘MyFinance’ and click on ‘ePayment’ tab

From there, you can view all your payable invoices.
Start making payments

2. Start making payments

Click on the invoices you wish to pay. The ‘Total Amount’ field has the payable amount.
Select your payment method

3. Select your preferred method of payment

HSBC is our partner for E-Payment. Accept payment terms and conditions and start transacting.
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4. Confirm payment with the online banking system

Check with your bank online to receive the payment confirmation and receipt.

Transact with the confidence of instant B/L release and free up time to focus on your core operations. Connecting your business in Indonesia all the way with the world just got easier through E-Payment.

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