Let fashion be fickle

Outsmart uncertainties to meet dynamic market expectations through a connected supply chain across ocean, air, land, lead logistics, warehousing and distribution, and omnichannel fulfilment.

Let challenges not deter you

The first step towards navigating the complex nature of the fashion and lifestyle industry is to understand the challenges that it faces. From inefficiencies of a siloed infrastructure, demand volatility and lack of an established pan-India distribution network to long inventory cycles-the lifestyle industry bears the brunt of it all. But that’s not where the story ends; it’s where you go from here that matters the most.

It’s time to outsmart these roadblocks.

Woman encountering difficulty while selecting fabric

Let solutions make their way to you

It’s not the challenges that define you, it’s how you outsmart them that matters the most. It starts with finding the missing links and tying it all back together to form a cohesive and connected supply chain with our end-to-end solutions for better control, flexibility, and responsiveness.

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Outsmart a siloed infrastructure

Target pictogram
Origin consolidation capabilities to manage suppliers at key origin
End-to-end connectivity for sourcing raw materials from the far East
Factory pictogram
Leverage manufacturing hubs in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Southern India
Freight forwarding
Deliver your final shipment to the US and Europe

Outsmart demand shocks

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Get standardised and scalable OCF solutions with omnichannel fulfilment warehouses and strong domestic middle-mile and last-mile distribution capabilities.
Air Land Ocen LCL pictogram
Manage demand volatility with cross-border e-commerce solutions and multimodal transport of air, LCL, inland, and ocean.

Outsmart redundancies and waste

Win over the complications of a long inventory cycle with supply chain control and visibility.
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Experience informed decision-making in both domestic and EXIM space with a single partner.
Graph growth direction pictgoram
Remove leaks and redundancies by optimising cost, inventory, and time.

Let stories of outsmarting complexities inspire you

Logistics fashioned for evolving businesses in East Africa

Our partnership with Jay Jay Textiles is all about helping them with business expansion while overcoming operational disruptions.

Sharing the vision towards sustainability with Hela Apparel Holdings

A story of collaboration in designing a customised journey to reaffirm their reputation as a sustainability-focused business.

Weaving an integrated logistics solution, seamlessly

Discover how an integrated blend of ocean, air, and inland logistics solutions helped deliver a shipment from Bangladesh to the US in record time.
Ocean, air and inland logistics solutions

The perfect design for a streamlined supply chain

A fashion giant gains a competitive edge by adopting an integrated supply chain model to enhance efficiency and agility.
Stitching together a new era of streamlined supply chain

Enabling business expansion for a fitness brand in South Africa

We partnered with BODYTEC to create customised solutions that helped in overcoming their logistical hurdles, leading to uninterrupted operations.
3 people doing exercise

Unlocking the manufacturing potential of Jordan

Enabling a leading American lifestyle brand to tap into the rising manufacturing opportunities in Jordan.

Integrated logistics to enable better market reach

A partnership along with a strong communication network to help Freakins create their space in the D2C fashion industry.

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