Supercharge high-tech success with a faster supply chain

In a new era of evolving speed-to-market strategies, supply chain integration can provide a greater competitive edge for your technology logistics. Build yours with Maersk.


The need for speed

A gadget’s quality or innovation may not matter if it can’t reach the market quickly or before the competition due to shipping delays. Speed through the supply chain can lead to unprecedented gains for technology companies, not only for their products, but also top-line growth. Nearly 8 in 10 companies with high-performing supply chains achieve revenue growth higher than the average within their industries. *

Over the last 2 years, the perception of supply chains has changed. Logistics has gone from backroom talks to being a constant topic in board meetings. A fast supply chain has become a competitive advantage for technology companies, helping boost market share and customer loyalty.

Source: Deloitte – Supply Chain Leadership

Speed in high-tech supply chain – Close-up of a young woman with a mobile in their hand.

Harnessing speed for a better connection

Global expectations of a supply chain have changed since early 2020. At home, changing consumers want faster deliveries. At manufacturing sites, output has slowed down due to lockdowns and congestions. The global semiconductor shortage has made matters more challenging. Speed in supply chains has plummeted, due to numerous container shipping delays in 2021. For businesses to bounce back, logistics speed is an important problem to solve. Read our guide to understand how high-tech logistics can achieve speed in today’s global economy. What you’ll find inside:

  1. Deconstructing the meaning of speed in an evolving global marketplace.
  2. A bird’s-eye view on the supply chain and the faster path to reach consumers.
  3. Logistics integration : a supply chain requisite for speed in the current scenario.
Technology logistics - A truck on road carrying tech cargo.

5 ways to enhance speed to market using an integrated supply chain strategy

For high-tech companies, there are two perspectives to speed: the time taken to develop new products, and the time taken to deliver them to the market. Some businesses might be forced to focus on one or the other. However, with a supply chain integration strategy, you may not have to choose.

In complex markets and disrupted supply chains, the right and actionable strategy is a game changer. It can be the remedy for shipping delays and other challenges in technology logistics, helping you achieve speed to market and solving complicated problems along the way.

Read about the 5 ways a high-tech supply chain integration strategy can set the tone for long-term success.

Tech goods leaving a warehouse at speed indicative of the increase in speed to market through supply chain integration.

Specialised solutions for technology logistics

Inland services
Flex Hub
Manage cargo flow in line with your demand patterns
Air Freight
Exchange data efficiently with the power of blockchain
Warehouse and Distribution
Warehousing & Distribution
Keep your goods moving at a pace that works for you
Air Freight
Transport urgent cargo without any speed or cost compromises
Inland services
Enable seamless deliveries through our integrated rail, truck and depot services
Supply chain management
Supply chain management
Streamline your setup with unified shipment data and stakeholder management
4PL solutions
4PL solutions
Leverage the expertise of our Control Tower services

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