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We’re excited to make logistics boring

If you’re an FMCG player, Africa is an exciting place to be. Your FMCG logistics, however, shouldn’t be a psychological thriller. It should be routine. Boring. Uneventful. The only update you need to get is that your cargo has been delivered.

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Maersk in Africa

We’ve been in Africa for a long time, and it’s been very rewarding. It has helped us understand the local markets in different countries, varied infrastructure and terrain, the intricacies of regional supply chains and processes, and the policy landscape and regulatory frameworks for different countries.

Every delivery comes with the backing of informed and agile decisions and deep local expertise.

Maersk optimises the supply chain at every stage of the end-to-end journey, customises it to your needs, wherever you are in Africa.

Automating FMCG supply chains

Systematising entire supply chains – or even a part of it – through automation can vastly improve productivity, efficiency and accuracy, and reduce time-consuming manual interventions.

Listen to Microsoft’s Ramy Fares, and Maersk’s Marnus Kotze and Azel Van der Walt walk you through the workings and possibilities of automated supply chains in a recording of our webinar entitled ‘Intelligent supply chains: The role of automation in driving resilience, operational excellence, and sustainability’.

Intelligent supply chain warehouse system using AI technology

The Maersk range of FMCG solutions

We’d love to be part of your success story in Africa. That’s why we go the distance – from origin to destination. We have services specific to your needs in different countries, from:
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Supply chain management and lead logistics
Tuck boat, Rail pictogram
Ocean and inland logistics
Snow Flake
Cold chain facilities and logistics
Warehousing and distribution (Grade A facilities are available)
Compliance and customs services
Inventory services
Fulfilment and inventory services
Financial services
Financial services
Digital integration
Digital integration

Maersk’s promise in Africa

We are committed to providing customised end-to-end FMCG solutions, a robust supply chain system, and to keeping your cargo running at prime capacity and speed. For this we offer:

  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Agile solutions to deal with any contingency
  • End-to-end visibility and control
  • Solutions that value the environment and sustainability
  • Reliable and on-time solutions
  • Cost-efficiency and value for money
  • Solutions compliant with regulations and customs standards for local, regional, national and international supply chains
  • Regional expertise specific to in every country in Africa
FMCG supply chain solutions – An aerial view of a truck carrying Maersk FMCG cargo container.

We love digital

In uncertain times, predictability gives your supply chain an edge. Our digital tools such as TradeLens, which is available in some African countries, give you transparency and complete control via a single dashboard, and hence reliability that’s crucial to FMCG supply chains.

With real-time data, you can respond to varying trends in your country’s market, overcome unforeseen challenges, and make business decisions faster, with greater insight.

Using our API(Application Programming Interface), customers can track the contents of their containers, right down to SKU or Purchase Order levels.

Maersk’s expertise and innovation helps improve compliance, efficiency and agility across FMCG supply chain in Africa.


In Africa, consumers of fast-moving consumer goods are driving market demand for sustainable products, and green brands stand to win big. We couldn’t be happier.

At Maersk, we believe in creating greener supply chains today, and by 2040, we intend to achieve net zero across our business and value chain with 100% green solutions for our customers.

What’s more, sustainability adds transparency to supply chains, leading to more efficient processes.

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Creating value

Maersk solutions help customers reduce end-to-end operational costs by simplifying and integrating the supply chain. The flexibility that our solutions provides removes wastage of resources and promises value. We think supply chain megatrends will define FMCG logistics in Africa over the next few years.

Our experts

We look forward to talking to you
Gana Wadinga, Sales representative
Gana Wadinga

Sales representative
Southern West Area - Cameroun

Fatouma Ba , NWA, Solutions Engineer
Fatouma Ba

Solutions Engineer
Northern West Area - Senegal

Abdoulaye Ba, NWA, Vertical Sales Manager
Abdoulaye Ba

Vertical Sales Manager
Northern West Area - Mali

Florence Mbugua, Senior Sales Manager
Florence Mbugua

Senior Sales Manager
Eastern Africa Area - East Africa

Aanuoluwapo Agboola, Customer Solution Manager, Nigeria
Aanuoluwapo Agboola

Customer Solutions Manager
Central West Africa - Nigeria

Jean Christophe Schmidt, Area Sales Manager
Jean-Christophe Schmidt

Area Sales Manager
Central West Africa Area - Ivory Coast

Lizanne Ferreira, Vertical Sales Manager
Lizanne Ferreira

Vertical Sales Manager
Southern Africa and islands - South Africa

Rauf Ayodeji Badejo, FMCG Manager
Rauf Ayodeji Badejo

FMCG Manager Ocean and Logistics
Central West Africa - Nigeria

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