Economy of scale

The Triple-E breaks the world record in container ship capacity without requiring more engine power. This design takes economy of scale to a new level.

Maersk Line continues to break its own records and sets new standards for the shipping industry. The capacity of a Triple-E vessel, 18,000 TEU sets a new world record surpassing the capacity of Emma Mærsk by 16%. From Regina Mærsk to the Triple-E class, Maersk has designed the largest container vessels in the world since 1996.

Big thinking

Our cargo

Imports from China to the EU

Imports from China to the EU

Fun facts

If all Triple-E class vessel containers were placed one after the other, they would reach about 110 km. You could almost walk across the entire United Kingdom on top of these containers.

It would only take four Triple-E class vessels to transport the entire contents of the grand Cheops pyramid.