Sustainable innovation

At Maersk, we believe in sustainability, and we support initiatives that promote environmental responsibility.

Maersk Hardware Innovation

Challenging tradition to create new opportunities

The idea of 'sustainable innovation' involves putting innovation to work to reduce energy consumption, improve environmental performance and enhance employee safety – measures that secure our ability to keep innovating.


Many of our employees work under challenging conditions, such as operating equipment and carrying out work in harsh environments. In fact, plenty of “ordinary” tasks performed aboard ships at sea can be dangerous and require careful analysis of numerous hard-to-control factors such as wind and waves. This requires that we do everything we can to minimise health and safety risks to our employees. In fact, improved occupational safety is a major focus of our innovation work, much of which revolves around: • Extreme motions and stability. • Cargo containment: lashing, sloshing. • Hull strength. • Lifesaving appliances. • Fire protection.

In two recent projects, we initiated onboard watchdog systems to enhance safety during crane and anchor handling operations on supply vessels. Another good example of our commitment to safety is our recent lifeboat project: Statistics on lifeboat accidents are appalling: more people have been killed during lifeboat training drills than saved during real evacuations. That is why we invented an entirely new lifeboat system to replace a design that had not been upgraded in 30 years. The new design features an elaborate hook and winch system to improve safety and reduce accidents.

The Maersk Group is committed to the protection of the environment and places high priority on environmental considerations in managing its business.


Innovation and Environment

Energy efficiency is key. Innovation has become a key component in our corporate environmental strategy, due in no small part to our heavy focus on on energy efficiency. And our work to lower energy consumption is yielding environmental gains. By using less fuel, we also reduce our CO2 and other air emissions, such as SOx, NOx and particulate matter. This reduces our environmental footprint and, frankly, our operating costs – which will ultimately benefit our customers as well as our own business. Keeping our oceans clean. As important as energy efficiency is, it doesn’t tell the whole story. We also want to keep our oceans clean and protect local ecosystems from contamination with microorganisms. To this end, we’ve developed a breakthrough ballast water treatment system that cleans the ships’ ballast water before it’s released into the sea.

The "Green ship of the "Future”. A good example of our commitment to greener shipping is our active involvement in the “Green Ship of the Future” project, which aims to slash CO2 emissions and other air pollution caused by the shipping industry. By introducing new technologies, maintaining a thoroughly modern fleet and taking innovative measures to boost fuel efficiency, we’ve achieved significant reductions in emission levels per unit carried over the past years. Yet solving the world's environmental problems is not something a single company or industry or country can do alone. That’s why we engage with a number of global organisations that are working to protect our environment. At Maersk, we believe we’ll get there best if we all work together.