Developing a Green Ship of the Future

How do you create more sustainable shipping, save energy and comply with new international regulations in a cost-effective way?


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These are some of the tough questions the maritime industry is facing today.

Solving these challenges takes innovative thinking and a willingness to reach out for fresh ideas. That’s why Maersk has teamed up with a number of industry partners to create the public-private “Green Ship of the Future” project, which now includes more than 40 members.

From scrubbers to waste heat recovery

Green Ship of the Future comprises a number of projects that aim to come up with greener solutions for ocean freight.

One of the projects Maersk is taking part in involves developing alternatives to expensive low-sulphur fuel – such as LNG or new scrubber technologies for cleaning exhaust gasses.

Other projects are exploring waste heat recovery systems, particulate filters and automated engine monitoring. Some solutions have already been finalized and deployed on Maersk vessels.

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