On board the fleet

Taking on the world's biggest challenges requires some of the largest and most advanced hardware. From giant vessels that can transport more than 18,000 containers, to drilling rigs that can reach more than 12,000 metres into the earth, to new pioneering technologies in enhanced oil recovery, the Maersk Group has the hardware to get the job done.

Innovation through hardware

At Maersk, we invest in innovation at all levels of our organization – whether we are designing eco-friendly container ships, developing sophisticated software or inventing technologies that enable safe drilling.

More stories about our fleet

Maersk Peary – Operation Deep Freeze

Unlike most vessels, the Maersk Peary has travelled to one of the world’s most remote and inaccessible destinations: Antarctica. Even though the captain has tried the voyage before, it remains a challenging mission.

Smart containers listen and talk

By outfitting its fleet of reefer containers with “smart” technology, Maersk Line is reducing risk in customer supply chains and saving itself millions of dollars in costs while representing the cutting edge technology and innovation in shipping.

Made in China, assembled in Belarus

Chinese car manufacturer, Geely, and Maersk Line are working together to develop a Chinese automobile name, by shipping car parts for assembly overseas.