Drive the digital transformation of your supply chain with technology that provides true end-to-end visibility and unprecedented collaboration.


Introducing TradeLens

Cross-border containerised supply chains are some of the largest and most complex business ecosystems in the world today. It’s not uncommon for 30 independent parties, 100 people, and up to 200 exchanges of information to be connected to a single shipment. In the face of this increased complexity, it’s important to have a solution that can help maintain the efficiency of supply chain operations.

TradeLens is a secure platform, underpinned by blockchain, that lets you stay ahead of your shipments with real-time data, direct from the source. These benefits extend to you and your trading partners, forming the foundation of a new generation of supply chain transparency.

No more worrying about supply chain efficiency

Live data
Get access to trusted live data collected from every step of the supply chain
Improve the flexibility and speed of integrating with different logistics providers
Human icon
Get access to verifiable, unassailable, and accurate timestamped shipping information
respond to customer
Increase your agility in responding to customer demands
document realiablity
Ensure event and document reliability

The TradeLens effect on PUMA’s supply chain

PUMA’s in-house customs department used to spend upwards of two hours per day checking the status of their containers at port terminals. To overcome this lack of visibility and receive data directly from the source, PUMA onboarded the terminals onto the TradeLens platform. This system implementation was completed in only three hours.

TradeLens enabled the terminals to publish updates about the containers. As a result, all of the terminals at the port were equipped to share real-time notifications for 95% of the 200+ containers received each week. This also helped PUMA reduce delays and detention and demurrage costs.

Find out how TradeLens supported PUMA’s supply chain in our e-Book.

The TradeLens effect  on PUMA’s supply chain


A new paradigm in the supply chain: TradeLens is unleashing the potential of collaborative digitisation in logistics

Today, data transfers between supply chain partners happen manually. Not only is this time consuming, but there’s also a risk of the data being disconnected and unreliable. To overcome this challenge, we worked with our long-standing partner IBM and other major players in the maritime industry to introduce TradeLens.

In this e-book, we take a closer look at how this partnership, along with the evolution of TradeLens, is carrying logistics into a new era. We also explore the positive impact that TradeLens has on logistics and IT professionals, highlighting key industry challenges, benefits of the platform, and the burning need to connect and digitalise logistics data.

A new paradigm in the supply chain

What you can achieve by using TradeLens

Take control of your supply chain and proactively manage your trade partners
Simplify the process of data-integration with your logistics providers
Drive profitability by reducing capital and operational costs
quick response
Increase speed-to-market by responding quickly to changing customer demand
digital innovation
Gain a competitive advantage with digital innovation
real time data
Reduce the risk of data breaches and non-compliance by using reliable real-time data

Meeting your innovation needs

Get all essential data updates

Stay on top of your supply chain processes. The TradeLens Essential package uses API integration to give you access to near real time data.

Manage trade efficiently with real-time data

Move beyond disjointed status updates and poor data quality. With the TradeLens Visibility package, data is shared directly from the source, managed digitally using dashboards, and updates are notified in real time.

Collaborate with your partners securely

Accelerate your workflows by automating documentation. The TradeLens Collaboration package provides all your trade partners and customers the same accurate data, so all actions can be viewed, tracked and executed in an instant.

TradeLens- Core packages

Getting started with TradeLens

TradeLens complements your existing logistics services by seamlessly integrating your entire supply chain to the blockchain platform. This enables efficiencies and cost savings across the board for companies of all sizes, budgets and IT setups. With TradeLens by your side, you can strengthen your current partnerships and choose to keep your legacy systems.

Watch the video to find out more.

Hear from our expert

It’s an exciting time to be working in supply chain.… while we are experiencing unprecedented challenges, big industry and mindset changes are taking place for the better, and it feels great to be able to bring our customers a tool that can really help them overcome those challenges collaboratively and take advantage of the benefits that digitisation brings in the new era of global trade.

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Alexa Ríos Araneda
Regional Product Expert Europe, TradeLens

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