We live safety

We take an active stand on safety

We want our employees and contractors to be out of harm’s way at work, and their families to trust that we’ll bring them home. And we want our customers and partners to be confident that we strive to keep lives and assets out of risk, no matter where they are. Every day we learn more, towards safer ways to operate.

We live safety

When our business was founded in 1904, the world we operated in could be a dangerous place. Going to sea put lives and ships in peril, and returning home safely was not something you could take for granted. We’ve learned a lot since then, and we keep learning. As we have continued to grow around the world our businesses have become much more complex, the risks have changed, become more diverse, and securing a safe workplace requires constant vigilance.

That’s why, as a company, we take an active stand on safety.

We live safety

There can be no compromise on this. We can live with delays and the costs of stopping unsafe operations, but we will not accept the consequences of risking the lives or health of people, or harming the world we live in. That’s why we never rest on our journey. Every day we learn more, making strides towards safer ways to operate. It’s central to how we do business. It is a prerequisite, not merely a priority.

That’s what we mean when we say that we live safety.

The North Sea recreated in a chilly garage

Maersk Oil has worked with Maersk Training to build a simulator that mimics the real working environment offshore as closely as possible. 460 people will be training here in conditions that are safe and secure, reinforcing classroom learning with hands-on experience.

At Svitzer safety is from office to tugboat

The Global Safety Day promotes three safety essentials, one being the obligation to look out for each other. At Svitzer, this has linked people in offices with people on tugboats.

Keeping the crew safe: Just say stop

Six out of 22 rigs in the Maersk Drilling fleet have operated for more than five years without accidents resulting in lost workdays. The concept of Stop Work Authority is one of the important factors behind this success.

Come home safe

Safety at work protects more than the lives of our people. It protects everyone that depends on them – every day.

We live safety

This is Maersk Group’s stand point on safety. We live safety every day, learning new and safer ways of working.

Tanker safety

Failure in this commitment won’t just put lives in danger. It could damage our business, our reputation and the values and standards we’re known for. Good safety is good business, too.