Maersk in the Americas

Foreign trade and energy have boosted economies throughout the Americas.

From the USA, to Argentina, Ecuador and the Bahamas, Maersk is helping unleash the region’s potential by facilitating the flow of goods around the globe.
Maersk Panama

With modern infrastructure and improved access to international trade, Latin America´s economic growth can be significantly improved. Investments to secure access for larger vessels in US East Coast ports are underway and required to make it viable for the New Panamax vessels to be deployed on Maersk Line’s Asia–US East Coast services.

Larger vessels

Central and South America remain under-represented in global shipping, in part due to inadequate infrastructure; APM Terminals is directly addressing this deficiency, building up an intermodal terminal in Lázaro Cárdenas, Mexico, and a container port project in Moin, Costa Rica. Both terminals will be able to accommodate the larger vessels entering into Latin America trade lanes with the widening of the Panama Canal.

Connectivity is key

Across Latin America there are several challenges to be tackled such as the lack of highway capacity between the Port of Callao in Peru and the capital Lima. The congestion in the port of Santos in Brazil is a barrier to growth in one of the biggest markets in the region. Colombia is another country where connectivity between the coast and the larger cities like Bogotá and Medellín is still not optimal.

It's Mexico's moment right now

Mexico has become a manufacturing titan and lesser-known areas of the country such as Guadalajara’s technology hub are driving the economy. Trade and globalisation are key ingredients to the nation’s secret recipe as it seeks to take the next step up.

An auto boom from the desert

Mexico’s auto industry has attracted global multibillion dollar investments. For KIA Motors, a South Korean carmaker, this has led to Maersk Line bringing in equipment for a state-of-the-art plant in the Mexican desert.

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Mexico's automotive sector is at full throttle 2:55

Supply and demand

To meet the demands of the growing Colombian economy, Maersk Line has worked with the Buenaventura port to ensure its larger vessels could serve customers better. Automobile makers are reaping the benefits.

10 million cars and a good night’s sleep

Logistics has changed gears at GM. A new proactive approach helps eliminate waste by working closer cross functionally within GM and externally with suppliers.

Enable trade

Plenty of room to grow

The intra-America trade is one of the world’s faster growing markets and is outpacing mature market trades. One factor contributing to the region’s current and expected growth is the trend among some businesses to move production to Central and South America

Optimising operations

A team of functional experts in different areas of operations is monitoring the operational performance of all 63 of APM Terminals’ ports and has been instrumental in helping Los Angeles optimise its yard operations during 2015.

Cutting through congestion

APM Terminals Los Angeles produced a record performance in 2015 under tough circumstances. The result underlines the value of mature markets to the Maersk Group.

Maersk in the Americas

Building a terminal in Costa Rica

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Watch the story about the brand new container terminal in Limón, Costa Rica 2:23

José and 499 others

APM Terminals’ new container facility in Moín, Costa Rica will open for business in 2018. The container port is a completely new industry in the country, and is already creating new jobs and career paths for locals that were not possible before.

Training for a new career

A modern container terminal is a completely new industry in Costa Rica. So, for APM Terminals Moin, the company’s new USD 1 billion terminal project, one of the first tasks is to turn promising job applicants into trainers.

More stories about Maersk in the Americas

Latin America’s new trade hub

APM Terminals is investing USD 750 million to turn Callao, Peru into a world-class port. APM Terminals expects that the port will one day become a hub of trade for the west coast of Latin America.

From Ecuador to China

Chinese consumption is on the rise and the repercussions are felt around the world. With increasing demand for quality fruit, banana growers from Ecuador have found a new and booming market.

11 new terminals in Latin America

The acquisition of Barcelona-based Grup Maritim TCB adds 11 terminals in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Turkey and Spain to APM Terminals portfolio.

Not just a company, a neighbour

APM Terminals is investing USD 750 million to turn Callao, Peru into a world-class port. By involving the community and employees in the process, it has created a shared feeling of responsibility that it expects will make it a long-term success.

World class by 2020

Infrastructure is a primary challenge to Peru’s continued growth. Expanding and modernising the country’s most important port will lower costs and attract more trade.

Big hardware arrives in Callao

The $750 million terminal expansion project in APM Terminals Callao received some important hardware recently: 4 Super Post Panamax ship-to-shore cranes and 12 electric rubber-tire gantry cranes.

Available jobs in the Americas

With offices in over 130 countries, Maersk has the scope to help you achieve even your most ambitious career goals. Discover new career opportunities in your local area or wherever you choose in the world.

Follow your passion

The launch of Sealand has been a success. Also, employees, such as Yenia Abadia in Colombia, have been enabled to pursue leadership roles, directing all the energy of a new organisation towards the customers.

Chance of a lifetime

In the male-dominated world of factory workers in Chile, Maersk Container Industry (MCI) is hiring women to work in their new manufacturing plant. Many of the women are single parents, and for them, the opportunity of a proper job at the new container factory has changed their lives.


Sea-Land Service, Inc. was founded by American entrepreneur Malcolm McLean in 1960. McLean also invented packing goods in uniform containers, today known as "containerisation".

Growing with Maersk

Student turns teacher

APM Terminals has turned an abandoned building on the Callao terminal site into a highly regarded training centre, providing transferable skills and a career path for a variety of workers and employees.

From apprentice to manager

Recently promoted to Operations Manager at the Paranaguá Inland Services in Brazil, Ederson Gouveia has, at the age of 29, already spent half of his life with Maersk. He joined the Group when he was 14 years old.