We have zero tolerance towards corrupt behaviour and participate actively in the fight against corruption.

Fighting corruption

Corruption negatively impacts communities and overall global economic development by channeling funds away from overt towards covert economies. Corruption also erodes the trust necessary to build healthy societies, and adds to the cost of doing business.

Corruption is a systemic issue with customs and practices deeply ingrained in societies and communities. These practices are not easily altered and taking a stand can, in many cases result in commercial losses. In A.P. Moller - Maersk, we work against all forms of corruption including reducing and eliminating facilitation payments, which are commonplace in the shipping and logistics industries. To increase the likelihood of success, we were instrumental in creating a collaborative forum to combat corruption in the maritime industries.

Facilitation payment demands remain a challenge for some parts of our businesses in some parts of the world and they remain a focus area for our anti-corruption compliance programme.

The maritime industry partners to fight corruption


A.P. Moller - Maersk is committed to compliance with all anti-corruption laws. Top management of each of the businesses and brands are responsible for incorporation of and compliance with Maersk's anti-corruption programme within their areas of responsibility. The implementation of the anti-corruption programme in daily business and operations takes place through continued training, use of contract compliance clauses, undertaking of business partner due diligence and risk assessments. Rules on facilitation payments, travel, meals, entertainment, gifts as well as charitable and political donations are available, as are rules on interaction with governments and public authorities.