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The TradeLens eBL

The Original bill of lading (BL) is used on as many as 40% of containerized shipments and are a vital instrument in international trade, serving as receipt of cargo, evidence of a contract of carriage, and title.

But the manual, paper-based processes used today are ripe with inefficiencies and risk. The issuance, transfer, and surrender of the BL require the handling and physical transfer of documents by multiple parties at origin and destination, resulting in a lack of visibility, unnecessary costs and delays, and potentially lost documents.

The TradeLens eBL, underpinned by blockchain, will fully digitise and streamline the BL process, eliminating frictions and reducing costs.

Benefits of eBL

Increase security and transparency
The risks of using paper original BLs (lost documents, forgeries, delays in receipt and charges resulting in the delays) are eliminated, as documents are immediately available to all parties and any changes audited and fully traceable.
Supply chain technology
Streamline processes
With the TradeLens eBL, participants can electronically issue, transfer and surrender BLs via the TradeLens shipment manager and/or API connections, increasing process efficiency while assuring business requirements are met for original BLs.
Reduced costs
Eliminate Cost
The TradeLens eBL in combination with TradeLens Core, allows the full shipping document pack to be shared across permissioned parties, eliminating the need to print and courier documents.

Save time and cost using the only true multi-carrier backed eBL solution

Eliminate days in the current bill of lading process
Special Tariff rates
Save in bill of lading handling and courier costs
Reduce errors
Reduce 100% of re-keying errors
Data improvement
Use one platform to track all your original BLs and seaway bills, across multiple carriers and trade finance entities
Build a process for faster customs, carrier and terminal release with digital data from documents
Eliminate the risk of lost, stolen or late BLs

We are very pleased with the TradeLens eBL process. It’s simple and straightforward, with a great onboarding experience.

Frozen shrimp exporter in India

Digitise your paper based processes

The TradeLens eBL is a fully digital instrument, replicating all the functionalities of original paper bills of lading. It is requested via your existing shipping instruction process with the ocean carrier. Exchanging the TradeLens eBL is a standardized process for all TradeLens participants and adheres to legal and regulatory frameworks.
The digital electronic Bill of Lading - An illustration showcasing two women working on their laptops.

Rely on blockchain secured, fully digitised Bills of lading

The TradeLens eBL ensures that you will eliminate lost documents and accelerate your workflows by digitizing processes.
Use cases Use case 1 Use case 2 Use case 3
Use cases
eBL process
Use case 1
Shipper surrender : The shipper surrenders the Original bill of lading to the carrier at origin. Also known as a Telex release or express release.
Use case 2
Single transfer : The transfer of Original bills where shipper and consignee are known at the time of booking and the bill transfers only once before surrender.
Use case 3
Multiple transfer (Trade finance) : The transfer of original bills where banks or other financing partners are involved in the transaction.
Use cases
With TradeLens
Use case 1
Digitally receive and surrender the TradeLens eBL online via our Shipment Manager.
Use case 2
Digitally receive, transfer and surrender the TradeLens eBL and related documents via the Shipment Manager or APIs.
Use case 3
Digitally receive, transfer and surrender the TradeLens eBL an related documents via the shipment Manager or APIs. Transfer to banks for Letter of Credit or other financial instruments.
Use cases
Use case 1
3 Hours
$ 50+
Use case 2
4+ days
Use case 3
7+ days

Reducing risks by digitising processes

Learn how TradeLens eBLs restored control to this shrimp exporter’s process of moving BLs from issuance to release and how they provided clear visibility of BLs status and location during the journey for this critical cargo.
The TradeLens eBL – Close-up of hands on a tablet.

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