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Managing your customs operations no longer feels like you’re walking a tight rope.

Ensure compliance every step of the way

Taking control of your customs processes comes with its own set of challenges. Importing multiple products through multiple ports, managing data across different systems and trade parties, lack of IT support and limited resources often cause delays in importing your cargo. This is where Maersk Customs Services can help.

With our deep-rooted knowledge of regulations, trade agreements and import practices, combined with our advanced technology and integrated end-to-end solutions, you can navigate your compliance process with confidence. 

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Maersk Customs Navigator

Maersk Customs Navigator is our proprietary visibility and reporting platform. This full-service, secure, web-based portal allows you to do everything from full track-and-trace to powerful entry audit, customized business rules, document imaging, global product files and more. It houses an intuitive on-demand report writer, global classification module and a product library with customs data for over 180 countries.

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Audit customs entries in real time with Business Rules

While handling the vast amount of data involved in customs processes, ensuring its accuracy can make or break your ability to import cargo on time. The Business Rules feature available on Maersk Customs Navigator helps you audit entry data while it’s being processed through the system, so you can rectify mistakes prior to submission.

Customize data any way you want with Reports and Analytics

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a simpler way to go through heaps of customs documents and data to gather relevant insights? The Reports and Analytics feature of our tool – Maersk Customs Navigator – can help you effortlessly find and share facts and figures relevant to your business, without any help from your IT team.

Achieve your sustainability goals with Side-by-side auditing

Traditionally, logistics documentation, including customs documents, require a large supply of paper. This stands as a barrier against you achieving your sustainability goals. Not anymore! The Side-by-side auditing feature of Maersk Customs Navigator eliminates the need for printouts by helping you audit and compare information electronically.

Define product classification codes easily with Global Classification

Determining customs tariffs and ensuring that the numbers are in line with compliance rules can be confusing. The Global Classification feature on Maersk Customs Navigator makes your tasks transparent to other colleagues — from product inception to entry.

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