Enter the world of Ageless Flowers

They are not ordinary flowers; they are flowers that boast of an enduring vase life made possible with our end-to-end cold chain solutions. Make Ageless Flowers yours too.

Get ready for IFTF 2023

Join us at our booth (A1.27) to discover Ageless Flowers—flowers that defy time and have an enduring vase life. Visit us at IFTF 2023 and learn more about our integrated cold chain logistics that help flowers stay fresher for longer.

Lady and child holding fresh rose bouquet close shot

What are Ageless Flowers?

Everyone who receives a bouquet of flowers, wishes that they stay as beautiful and fragrant for much longer. Such is the charm of flowers. What if we told you that there are flowers that can defy time and have an enduring vase life?

They are not your regular flowers; they have received expert care and experienced integrated cold chain logistics from Maersk. As a result, they reach their destination markets in Europe and other parts of the world with no effect of time on them. That’s what Ageless Flowers are, completely different from other flowers around you and made possible by our seamless and unbroken cold chain solutions.

Happy mother and child holding rose

What’s makes them Ageless?

Ageless Flowers are a result of our expert care and end-to-end cold chain solutions. By the time we deliver your precious blossoms to your key markets, they are worthy of being called Ageless Flowers because they retain their freshness, structure, and vase life as if time hasn’t had any impact on them.

Bouquets were arranged in the truck

How do we make this possible?

  • World class fleets of reefer technology and expert care
  • End to end temperature control reducing risk of spoilage
  • Integrated cold chain logistics for extended vase life
  • Complete visibility and shipment monitoring through Captain Peter
Exporting flowers by truck

The ocean benefit

Transporting cut flowers by ship has many advantages:

  • It is a viable transport option, enabling you access the big markets in Europe and the Middle East
  • With our advanced solutions, your flowers retain their freshness and are assured of an enduring vase life
  • Ocean shipping is a more sustainable mode of transport, achieving more than 90% reduction in carbon emissions

Solutions in the air

When time is of the essence, Maersk Air Services can help your flowers reach their destination markets promptly.

  • Highly competitive rates for transporting your flowers in a fast and reliable way
  • Dedicated customer care agent for managing your supply chain
  • Global reach for access to your key markets in Europe and the Middle East
  • Fast turnaround time on rate request and execution

To know more, feel free to get in touch with us

Our range of customised services

Boat Pictogram
Ocean Freight
Operates reliably between Mombasa and Rotterdam every week
Air Freight
For faster delivery to your markets in Europe and other parts of the world
Supply chain optimisation
Export/import haulage
Ensures quick connectivity between port and warehouses
Customs services
Helps your cargo stay compliant and ensures it moves quickly
Captain Peter
Provides constant alerts on temperature and humidity levels within your refrigerated cargo container
Containers loaded
Consolidates your flower cargo at the port of origin
Cargo packaging
Deconsolidates at destination, facilitating easy movement and speed to market
Cost efficiency pictogram
Port charges
We handle Port charges on your behalf, so your cargo is never delayed for want of payments
Booking agent
We plan your bookings and execute your shipments accurately and on-time

The Maersk advantage

  • End-to-end integrated solutions: We’re your single point of contact, coordinating across the supply chain for you
  • Refrigerated cargo expertise: A fleet of world-class reefers and deep commodity expertise ensure you’re in good hands
  • Reliable services: With our Air and Ocean Freight services, we ensure reliable transit times, guaranteeing great vase life for your flowers
  • Full visibility: With Captain Peter, you can monitor your reefer shipment on your mobile devices
  • Greener service: With our ocean transport, you achieve reduced carbon emissions of over 90%
  • Fixed price with single transportation invoice
  • Buyer’s consolidation through CFS at origin
Close-up of a Maersk ship that carries the cut flowers.

How did an unbroken cold chain help Sian Flowers cross the seas?

When flights were grounded during the Covid-19 pandemic, Kenya’s Sian Flowers lost access to its market in Europe. How did Maersk move Sian’s cut flowers over hundreds of kilometres on land and across the seas without any loss of quality and vase life? Watch our video.

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