Fitter or Machinist

Pasay, Philippines
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Key responsibilities

Depending on circumstances and situations, the functions listed below may be amended by the Chief Engineer and/or Second Engineer.
• Perform safe and efficient operations, in accordance with the Chief Engineer, 2nd Engineer or Duty Engineer's instructions, relevant legislation, and Company procedures.
• Assist with the storing of the vessel whenever needed, as directed by the Master, Chief Engineer or their deputies.
• Have knowledge of, adhere to, and implement the Company's policy (Doc ID: P001).
• Keep the Chief Engineer, vessel management and other functions on board informed, to co-ordinate and control activities, maximise safety, quality and environmental protection.
• Obtain permission from the Master or Chief Engineer before starting maintenance on critical equipment.
• Report any unsafe acts or unsafe conditions including exercising STOP WORK
• Participate actively in safety meetings, post drill briefings and other meetings and provide feedback for overall improvement of the safety, compliance and operational aspects.
• Take necessary measures to protect all persons, the vessel, her equipment and cargo and the environment, as deemed necessary by using good seamanship.

The Fitter shall:
• At all times, ensure good housekeeping, cleanliness and tidiness in the Engine Room and Deck, as directed by the Chief Engineer or Second Engineer.
• Carry out equipment overhauls and maintenance including breakdown maintenance as instructed and under the supervision of Chief Engineer, Second Engineer, Duty Engineer. Report any breakdown, failure or deviation to the Chief Engineer and Second Engineer.
• Check stock of machinery spare parts to ensure that minimum requirements is kept at all times.
• Carry out steel work including hot works (welding, cutting, brazing), fabrication work using power tools and cold overhauls under instructions and supervision of the Chief Engineer or 2nd Engineer.
• Ensure chemicals are used safely and as per Safety Data Sheet instruction.
• Assist with various security related duties, as required, under the supervision of the SSO.
• Ensure work and rest hour planning is done regularly and requirements are complied with. Bring any challenges in rest hour compliance to the attention of the Second Engineer and/or Chief Engineer.

We are looking for

- 12 Months Sea Time as Fitter or Machinist
- If no sea time, at least 24 Months Experience as Welder, Fitter, or Machinist; Land based in International Companies
- Shows broad practical knowledge and experience with: Welding, Lathe Machine Operation, Pipe Works, Maintenance, Repair, Fabrication of Mechanical Parts
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Ref. MA-319866
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