Technical requirements

Here is some information for technical requirements to successfully process your online application.

Recommended browser


You will have the best experience with our online application by using Internet Explorer (IE) Version 7 through 10 (also older versions). The following browsers are also supported by our application system:


  • Firefox
  • Safari 5 – 6
  • Chrome


  • iPad – Safari from iOS5
  • Galaxy tab – Android from 4.0 and Chrome from 4.0


  • iPhone – Safari from iOS5
  • Galaxy tab – Android from 4.0 and Chrome from 4.0

If you cannot open any drop-down list, you are probably using a browser, which is not supported by our application system. In this case, we recommend you to use a browser from the list above or to check your pop-up blocker settings (see below).


Pop-Up Blocker


In the process of your application or maintenance of your candidate pool profile, a pop-up will be generated. Therefore, please accept at least temporarily pop-ups for the websites of A.P. Moller - Maersk to ensure a working process.

Indicators for a Pop-Up Blocker issue are:

  • a gray/white shaded screen
  • a stop sign as a mouse instead of an arrow
  • blocked drop-down lists


If you have not received application confirmation email, most likely a pop-up blocker prevented the application from being sent, which means your application is still in the status “Draft”. Please go on with the following steps to send your application to us:

  1. Please click the following link:
  2. Log on with your E-mail address and Password.
  3. In the tab "My Applications" you can see your applications and their status. Applications which have not been sent to us successfully will be stated as “Draft”.
  4. To send your application to us you have to mark the relevant application and then click "Continue/Display Application" button. The application wizard will lead you through your application. At this stage a pop-up is generated. Therefore please accept (temporarily) pop-ups for the websites of A.P. Moller - Maersk to ensure a smooth process.
  5. Please double-check your entries and send your application to us, by clicking the “Send Application” button in the last process step of the application form. 
  6. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your application was sent to us successfully.


Formats and size of documents


You can upload documents created using standard Microsoft Office programs like Word, PowerPoint and Excel. You can also upload files in the following formats: Portable Document Format (.pdf), Graphics Interchange Format (.gif), Portable Network Graphics (.png) and Joint Photographic Experts Group format (.jpg). The maximum size limit for each file is 2 MB. To decrease file size consider removing embedded pictures, tables, and other graphics. Other file formats such as ZIP files cannot be processed. Please ensure that you do not upload protected PDF files as we are unable to process them.

Download of Acrobat Reader

In some areas, information is provided in the form of PDF documents. To display this correctly, you will need a recent version of Acrobat Reader

In case of any further questions to technical issues, you are welcome to contact us.